February 24, 2014

Pretty Piles of Wood

So we have this little “cabana in the woods” (we haven’t thought of a better name yet and it sounds way better than “former dog kennel”) and have dreams of one day adding a wood-burning fireplace to it.  It’s a small square structure with a corrugated steel roof and concrete slab floor.  We currently have curtains enclosing it and love hanging up there in the woods.  Sometimes we bring up a fire pit for s’mores, but with a fireplace one day, I imagine making pizzas and cooking some seriously good food up there.  The “walls” will be made of openings where we’ll pile firewood, similar to this, below:
{Sandy Gallin- if you haven’t, check out this month’s Architectural Digest story on him- so good!}
I think I first notices pretty piles of firewood in Darryl Carter’s work years and years ago…
{Darryl Carter– aaahhh love!!}
To me, wood is one of the most beautiful things that can be displayed…  It’s raw and real and functional.  Once I noticed it as an element I wanted some day, it seemed to jump out at me everywhere…
{Image via pinterest}
My six-year old picked up this month’s copy of Architectural Digest saying, “Mom!!!  It’s the guy from Transformers!!!”  A.K.A. Patrick Dempsey, whose home is featured on the cover with the most gorgeous wood nooks:
{Their house is incredible…  as you, this was one of my favorite ever issues of Architectural Digest.}
My super-talented blog-friend, designer Rachel Halvorson, had these gorgeous shelves made in a project of hers:
Ours might feel something like this outside, though I doubt we’d have whole chopped trees in ours which is part of what makes this so artful:
{Image via Remodelista}
For now, our little cabana is staying a little cabana and I’ll be able to share photos of it soooo soon!!! 🙂   For those of you who’ve asked, our house is being featured in this Spring’s issue of Domino Magazine so we’re really close to being able to share our home with you!!
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