Dance parties are a Liess family pastime. See what we’re listening to these days!
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Pump-you-up mix perfect for exercising; guaranteed to make you feel like "you got this"
Get transported with this southern swamp sound that’s somehow gritty and fun at the same time
Lighthearted and iconic this playlist lends an ease to activity or task
Let your mind wander to far off places with these fairytale-esque Celtic songs
Chill Beats
Relaxed, cool, electric mix for when it's just time to just be
Cool Girls
Cool, confident, powerful songs by women
Cool Guys
Effortlessly cool songs by men
Country Pop
A quintessential country mix for any outdoor activity
Electric Love Upbeat
A different sort of upbeat mix with a modern 70s flair
Epic Vibes
Top Gun, Rocky, pump-you-up epic songs
Feel it Mix
Sassy, soulful nostalgia-inspired and vintage songs–soul, R&B
Folksy Upbeat
Folksy indie songs with sweet, guitar melodies
Laid-back guitar instrumentals- same pic as instrumentals
Upbeat, happy songs (Our kids love this one) for driving on a sunny day and/or jumping around
Happy Hour
A cool mix of songs to get the party started
Hits My Soul Mix
Eclectic mix of songs that just hit the soul and make you really feel the music
Beautiful instrumentals from some of our favorite movies
Irish Scottish Dance
Get jiggy to these traditional upbeat Irish & Scottish melodies
Island Happy
Laid-back island-inspired songs for the beach
Kitchen Dancing
Get dancing with this mix of new and old songs including Jason Derulo, Beiber, and Britney
Lady Country
Some of our favorite country songs by women
Lost Cottage
A chill, beachy mix reminiscent of the summer of 2002 and today... Our favorite songs to play at the “Lost Cottage”
Mom Makeout
Good songs for hanging with your honey
Some of our favorite motown classics
New Age
Get zen with this relaxing mix of Enya and alike artists
Old School Roadtrip
A 90s old school mix of songs by favorite bands like No Doubt, Third Eye Blind, and Sublime
Old School Hip Hop
A 90s mix of favorite hip hop: Pharcyde, Rodeo Clowns, 2Pac, Outkast and more
Hauntingly beautiful piano melodies.
Piano Bar Singers
Quiet, cool, deep, and moody, these are the types of captivating songs we imagine being sung in an old piano bar
Power Ballads
Get ready to belt it to these power ballads
Pirate Party
Instant pirate party mix here… a little Irish and a lotta pirate-y
Classic reggae favorites
A reggaeton mix to get the party dancing
Reign Soundtrack
Dramatic, romantic and a little folksy. Songs from our guilty pleasure TV series with a few other folksy favorites.
Quarter-life Crisis
Quirky-cool eclectic & edgy mix of songs from the late 90s to the early 2000s or so
Sad Songwriter
Sweet songs that may get us a little weepy
Some of our favorite movie scores and composers: Last of the Mohicans, A Beautiful Mind, A Princess Bride and more
We can’t help but sing along to these (mostly female-sung) songs
Slow Dance
Slow and nostalgic, grab a sweetie and have a slow dance to this one
Training Montages
Some of our favorite training montage songs of the 80s & 90s
Our favorite late night party songs
90s Alternative
Circa 1990s alternative- Nirvana, Greenday, Wheezer & more
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