March 4, 2014

Where’s the GREEN??!!!

{Our living room, where the only specs of interior green you see is the green in the buttercup fabric on the sofa pillow and the green of the oversized glass flower vase. Photo by Helen Norman}

One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve been getting about my house is- “Where’s all the green?!!!!” and “Do you still have your green sofa???”

As many of you know , green is my FAVORITE color, which is one of the reasons I fell for our house- the land!!  We added windows everywhere we could and it literally feels like you’re outside when you’re in it.  Whenever I come home from a trip, it’s the first thing I notice…  that it feels so open to the outdoors.  Everywhere I look, I see green.  (Even in the winter, with all of the evergreens around)  (But of course it’s hard to see that from the Domino photographs- which show blown out white windows- thanks to a snow day the day they shot the house for the Spring issue! 😉

{As Seen in Domino- Photo by Brittany Ambridge}
For me, the views are the best part of our house, so on the main level, I wanted our house to be a little quieter and more low-key, to let the views take center stage.   There’s so much going on outside and I didn’t want anything to compete with the element that was most important to me- the land itself.   I have my green fix and don’t feel the urge to bring it in via fabrics and paint in every room.   I love the play of the ever-changing leaves outside with the golds, ivories and camels in my house.  (We do still have our old green sofa in the family room and our new sofa in the loft is actually an olive green (pic below)… and Lou’s nursery is green with a green rug – two green sofas and 1 green room is enough for me & I promise I’ll be sharing these other spaces so you can see!!- so there’s actually quite a bit of green in the house 😉
{Our Family Room Loft}

The other defining element of my home- that’s in keeping with its surroundings- is all of its wood and textures…  From the rough-hewn beams in our living room, to the mottled stucco fireplace, to the white oak floors, to the cedar planked dining room ceiling, to the pieces of furniture we used, to the fabrics themselves, to the mix of metals old & new…  I love the subtle play of different natural, organic-feeling woods and textures off of one another and chose to focus on subtle textural differences rather than on color.  
So… I hope this answers your “green” questions!! 🙂  I still have a lot of green in my home… it’s just not necessarily in all of the fabrics and paints this time!!
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