August 27, 2013

What’s up

We’re home from a beautiful week at the beach and I’m feeling pretty renewed.  (I’ll be honest, a second week wouldn’t have hurt! 😉 😉
It was one of the fullest- and fastest-weeks of our lives.  We had (and have) some important things going on with clients’ pre-renovation
home plans, we’re in the process of looking for studio spaces, our new business manager had her first full week, we put together the photos of our
house to be sent off somewhere and we had our One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale!! We went
with my parents and grandparents and little sister and cousin, and it just didn’t feel long enough!


Dave & I managed (thanks to my a-mazing family) to have 4 (!!!) date nights at the beach (who’s but counting??) which was honestly just Heaven.
We went to some of our favorite restaurants, played putt putt, listened to live music, and just hung out.  We rarely get the time
to be together, just the two of us, and I’m so thankful to my family for giving us the time.

Here’s a picture of my grandparents, whom I’m just crazy about:


I feel so lucky that my kids are now getting to know them the way I did when I was little.  (My mom and I actually lived with them for six years while
I was growing up so they’re almost like another set of parents to me.)

Thursday of last week was the first day of our One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale and what an experience
that was!!!  I went on to view the sale at 1 minute after 11:00 (when the sale started) and was SHOCKED to see that almost everything
was sold or “on hold.”  It was crazy!!!  But as we watched the sale, things went off “hold” (or got sold) gradually and it became a little
more of what we expected.  I guess it’s how it normally happens, and that when a sale goes live, people start grabbing everything and putting
it into their carts, before they’ve decided if they want it or not.  Once they make their decisions, they begin releasing items (carts only hold
for 10 minutes) and then other people have the chance to buy those items.  (But I’ve only been on One Kings Lane after sales have started and
had never seen this before so was thinking- “OMG!!!  We sold out!!!” I was ready to celebrate!!!  hahaha)


But, we did end up selling so much and doing the One Kings Lane Sale was an amazing experience!!!  We headed to the beach and watched the sale
during the first day, which was so much fun.  There were a few items on there that we accidentally photographed for the sale (meaning I didn’t
want to sell them but they got into the wrong pile on the CRAZY photographing day!!) so I watched with bated breath to see if they had to go.
(A few did, a few stayed 😉 We sold lots of pillows in my fabrics and it makes me so happy that more people will have them in their homes.
We’re parting ways with so many things that are special to me and it feels really good to know that other people will love them too!  I really
want to thank everyone – so much- for helping to spread the word about the sale and for coming to see what we had to offer!!

We’re also in the process of finding a new studio space for the business and it is
TOUGH.  There are so many different options that we’re looking into right now.  I am really wrestling with the idea of some sort of design
studio shop…  It’s SO much to handle but it keeps calling to me.  I can’t get the idea of moving into some sort of house and fixing it
up and putting a shop and studio in it out of my head!!!

{A beautiful old building in Massachusetts… how amazing would something like this be??!!!}

In the next month or so, we’re hoping to make that decision so we’ve got lots of changes going on around here!!  My head’s spinning but I feel that
the spinning is manageable after a week at the beach.  🙂

I’m off to a clients’ installation today (it’s their anniversary so will be fun!!) and then have some shopping to do with Jessica Thomas for our Better Homes & Gardens photoshoot at my clients’ home this week!!

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