March 5, 2012

What is up?!

I found out a few weeks ago that we weren’t selected to be in the DC Design House this year (bummer) but as my grandmother reminded me…  When I was 9 years old and didn’t make it in the school talent show for dancing with my best friends (The Blondie Bunch) to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (apparently the song was too risque??) I said, “Everyone needs to get rejected every once in a while.”  🙂   hahahahah

Things have been a little crazy lately although I now realize I don’t think it’ll ever be any other way. 😉  I wanted to share a picture taken by Helen a few weeks ago in my client’s recently finished dining room and also just give you a quick update on where things are at with me.
{Photo by Helen Noman, flowers by Holly Chapple}
I am gaga for the thistle in this arrangement.
And…  I can’t get over how time is flying right now.  I’m pregnant with our 3rd baby and have about two more months to go and we’ve got so much to get done before then!!  The baby part will take its course but the work &getting-the-house-in-order-part doesn’t.  I’m planning on finishing up the nursery before the baby arrives (unlike last time.)
Things have been changing a lot at work. (One thing I’ve learned is that when you run your own company, things never stop changing.)   We have a new intern, Alexa, who is such a sweetheart & is really helping out a lot.  We’ve been busy with photographing projects and we really have an amazing group of clients that I feel so lucky to know.  I get more & more excited every day about our projects.  My design assistant, Meghan (who never lets me take her picture which is why you won’t see her much on here!!) is doing an amazing job keeping projects running smoothly even though she has soooo much on her plate.  We run around like madwomen all day long and it seems there are never enough hours but that’s the way it needs to be to get it all done.  (or try to 😉
Keeping up with emails has been a challenge & I apologize if anyone emailed & I didn’t respond.  Please just resend if it’s been too long.  I am so sorry.
{image from here}
But I do think it’s so true…  We don’t get everything we go after and the rejections teach us things about ourselves & about situations.   I think they prepare us for our future victories & make us stronger.   And I know the showhouse will be a great one this year!
On another note…  My lovely kankles have started to arrive already on busy days.   They aren’t awful yet but I know it’s coming. I’m disappointed because this is waaaay sooner than I had swollen ankles during my last pregnancy (and I didn’t even have them with my first) but I guess I’m running around way more now than I was then with 2 kids and a busier work schedule.  I can’t wait to wear skirts & shorts this Spring to show off my new kankles!!  meoooooooow
{safely hidden kankles but the belly is grooooowing}

My boys are so good to me & can’t wait to meet the new baby.  Dave has been amazing and even 2 year old Justin rubs my back.  (Not really, it’s like 3 seconds but it melts my heart.  When he’s finished he says, “It’s good?”)

Other than that there are a few things brewing around here that I am CRAZY EXCITED about and will share as soon as I can.   I hope you had a great weekend and -ps- can you believe it’s MARCH ALREADY?!!!!  unreal.  February flew by and that never seems to happen for me.

xoxo, Lauren

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