September 12, 2009

Wallpapering Is Hard To DO-O…

(That’s being sung to the tune of “Breaking up is hard to do!”)

Dave installed the breakfast nook wallpaper last night… AFTER mowing the lawn, accompanying me & providing the man-power on a Home Depot trip to buy shrubs/ trees and 3 huge bails of hay and finally, digging holes for 2 tree-shrubs (don’t know the name, just that they were tall & are helping it make as if people live inside our house!) and 5 rhododendron bushes. He really deserves a medal after the past few months.

I’m loving it!!!! (He said it was really hard to install and wants to hire a professional for the hallway… I’m okay with the few wrinkles you can barely see!) Next up: baseboards & bamboo roman shade installation & crystal sconce installation (and then of course some pretty things/ accessories) and I’ll show more pics when it’s all done next week. Anyway, have a great weekend & will be back Monday!!! 🙂


ps- Michele from My Notting Hill was at the Pear Tree Cottage Design Seminar & did a great (and very sweet!!!) post on it here Thanks so much for coming Michele!!

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