April 11, 2021


Towards the end of winter and beginning of early spring, I have to force myself to stay in the here and now and to not get a little forlorn for springtime. It’s a bit like holding my breath. Cold springs are an exercise in patience for me.  Each and every little bit of color that comes up makes me feel that much closer to the big bloom time. Violets have always been one of my favorite harbingers of true spring. I remember picking them for arrangements and pressing them to frame with my grandmother as a little girl. They’re sweet, pretty and they’re even edible. 

Violets symbolize honesty, peace, healing, love, wishes and protection. It’s said that when carried, they bring good luck. An old wives’ tale says that if you pick the first violet in the spring your dearest wish will be granted. They have the softest barely-there scent that just feels like spring.

Come along with us for a quiet at home date night

Sometimes Dave and I feed the kids early and then have a little date just the two of us at the open dining room window. The other night was one of those early spring nights when the warm breezes are just beginning and you feel like winter’s getting blown away little by little.  When I get one of these nights- which usually happens around violet season- I just crave that warm weather and the green hardcore and I call it “letting spring in my heart.”  Once that floodgate is open, I’m 100% yearning for spring and officially OVER winter.  The other night with its warm breezes was like an exhale.

We foraged for violets- which we have aplenty in our yard…

…and sprinkled them over a spring mix with my Nonno’s salata dressing. (recipe here )

violet salad
We served it with leftover chicken piccata

We also set little violets arrangements around the house.  One of the humblest little flowers, violets won’t be overlooked, and when brought inside and elevated in a special vase (or in our case, silver creamer) they make the sweetest “spring” statement!

We lit some candles and attempted some alone time but were quickly joined by little people on our laps.  Lol But I guess that’s okay too. I’m sure I’ll miss it one day sooner than I think.

To make the salad, check out our recipe here

Enjoy! xo

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