August 17, 2012

Vines Indoors


{Rose Tarlow’s home, featured in Architectural Digest in 1991, via Cote de Texas}
I’ve always had a love for plants despite the fact that I’ve killed (way!!) more of them than I can count.  I’m especially drawn to plants that go wild & take over.  (i.e. ivy-covered houses)  As a little girl, I was fascinated by the mysterious thorns ensnaring Sleeping Beauty’s castle:
…and I’ve been known to fall in love with rooms just because there’s a gorgeous green plant in the photograph of the room.
I dream about a conservatory one day where I can kill beautiful plants one by one.. hahah no seriously, I’m going to get better with plants & one day hope to have a semi-green thumb!!
My best friend texted me this photo this Spring (taken on her phone) of a provate residence in Richmond on a home tour:
{and those laneterns too!!!}
There’s just something about vines….
It reminded me of the conservatory at Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown that I’m obessed with:
{The walls are being seriously accosted by the various vines & I’m in looooooooove…  I desperately wanted to take our wedding photos here but it didn’t work out.. rain & I’m not sure its allowed 🙁  I still regret not having those pics…}  The photo above is from the anthology of ms. emily & mr.ben.
Anyway, since we’re moving into a new house &because my houses are my design labs, I really want to try to experiment with it & do some things I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, namely, attempting to grow vines indoors.  Like up-my-walls-indoors…
 {I think there’s a planter up there with the vines cascading down…}

I cannot get over the fact that some people have been able to get vines (!!)  to grow inside their homes & up their walls!!!  I want it!!!!  so bad!!!!!!!!

In the photo below, it looks like the vines are growing from the large pots around…

{image via}
…But in some of the other photos I’m seeing, it looks like the vines are coming in through the windows:
My favorite parts of the vines are where they’ve attacked the walls & ceilings:
{Garden and Gun Magazine}
In the kitchen above & below, I’ve seen the vines tagged on pinterest as “wild fig” vines…  Anyone know anything about them??  I loooooove them!!!!
{Garden and Gun magazine}
Are they coming through the windows??
The room below looks like a conservatory:
{love.. would go apey to have this!!}
And some of my absolute favorite vines are in Rose Tarlow’s home (published in Architectural Digest in 1991).  All of the following images are via Cote de Texas and it’s worth clicking here to read all about the home & Rose Tarlow.  (I would move right in if I could!)
isn’t this amazing?!!!:
It looks like the vines are coming in through the doors!!!   ahhhhhh so good!!!
If you read a lot of blog, you’ve probably seen this image before:
Here (below) you can really see the vines coming down from the ceiling:
{This one looks like ivy}
ANd in some of the photos you can even see how the leaves are golden/ orangey:
Here, they look green:
{I love the recessed bookshelves}
…So.. does anyone know anything about this?  Many of the walls featuring vines look like plaster…  Is this a requirement?  How do the vines “stick?”  Do they just start cracking into the drywall/ plaster?  How can I do this?  I’m guessing the pot method?  Or could I grow them through a door without keeping it cracked?  I have a huge slider in my new living room…  What  type of vines can I grow??  I really love the ones with the smaller looking leaves…  Anyone have any experience or kow how to grow these??

S.O.S.!!! 🙂

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ps- I will tell you all about the new look on the blog as soon as the blog links are totally ready to rock.

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