April 11, 2016

"Villa" Style

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now or follow along on Instagram, you might remember me sharing about a cousin’s house I’m designing in Florida.

The project started about three years ago when my cousin purchased acreage and had an architect draw up plans for a (massive) home beside the property’s
existing pond and pool.  (which would entail taking down the original house)  I’ll be honest… the house design was NOT my thing.  AT
ALL.  Check it out here or see below:


My cousin’s natural preference for opulence, curly-swirly everything, tray ceilings, excessive moldings, darkness, formal interiors, red and burgundy,
dark masculine everything (Think Louis XIV meets Kirkland’s or Touch of Class) is almost the complete opposite of the airy, natural, relaxed,
casual style I love.  Both of us agreed, though, that the house should be dramatic, we just wanted to achieve that in different ways.  I
saw the drama coming from the juxtaposition of simplicity in a space of such massive scale…  In a purity of materials and lines as seen in many
of the ancient Roman villas, which were basically very grand country homes. The property is amazing
– filled with wildlife and native plants- and you feel like you’re in another world when you visit it.  Selecting a quieter palette of aged materials
and letting textural nuances and sculptural forms create interest rather than dark heavy colors and ornate ironwork & woodwork, the way it was
originally envisioned.

The architectural plans were pretty much set in stone by the time I got my hands on them so, though I was unable to consult on the layout, exterior
of the house and general size of the house (this thing is around 17,000 square feet!) I did get to design and select many of the architectural
elements… Ceiling details (which, fortunately, my cousin & I totally saw eye to eye on!), I was able to rework the columns, do the kitchen
& bath designs, stair style and details (but not layout/ scale) and select all materials and finishes.  I was able to make some small
changes like simplifying the exterior arches by changing them into eyebrow arches with square columns, which calms it down slightly.


{My cousin is a landscape designer so I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished…  Hoping that some of the palm trees obscure the size of it
a bit!!}

Being that I saw the house as a type of villa, I immediately thought of John Saladino when I first heard about the project.  John Saladino’s work
has been a huge inspiration to me throughout the processt, as was our friends’ Brooke & Steve Giannetti’s work.  (On a sidenote, I’m in the
middle of reading their new book, Patina Farm, right
now and it is just PERFECTION!!!  I’ll be sure to post my thoughts on it when I’ve finished.)

My cousin & I are close, and as a result, I’m really vocal about my opinions with him and there is absolutely no sugar coating in our relationship.
If one of us doesn’t like something, we just say it, often while making fun of the other person’s idea.  The amazing thing is, he’s really
come to trust me over the years (I did his mountain house the summer before last) and even when he isn’t on board with something, he goes along with
it anyway and believes he’ll love it even if he doesn’t believe it at the time.

Just like with his last house, he won’t know what furniture is going in his house until it arrives.  (which is just SO exciting for me!!!!!!  I’m
like Santa Claus, except he’s paying 😉  Every now and then I like to show him peeks at things that I know will freak him out because it brings
me joy.

{I think my favorite reaction of his was when I told him over the phone that I had bought a photograph of a flock of sheep posing for the camera for his
dining room at the mountain house.  It’s not something I can repeat in polite company 😉 }

Over the years, he’s come around to also wanting something more simple and pure than his original vision too.  I think he gets now that casual doesn’t
mean crappy and is ready to embrace it.  He’s SUCH a casual person -often barefoot- who loves to boat, fish, wakeboard, snowboard, entertain friends,
prank friends, and play with his pets.  Board shorts and jeans are his uniform.  I honestly can’t even picture him living in the dark, red,
opulent formal creepy castle place he originally wanted.   I think it just comes down to not knowing what could be and thinking that formality
and grandeur is the only way to approach a house of this scale.  The villa is becoming a sort of rough-luxe type of hangout heaven and I’m in
the process of decorating and collecting cool things for it.

There is now a coconut grove on the property and acres of trees.  Swans have come to live in the pond and wild peacocks roam the property.  My
cousin is extremely concerned with making sure Bernie, his pet squirrel, will have a good place for his bed in the master bedroom.

White walls throughout the house play against natural limestone, antique stones from Israel, cypress and oak, creating a quiet palette of neutrals that
I’ll bring a teensy bit of color into through rugs, fabrics and art.

I thought I’d share what’s going on in the house right now.  Here’s a peek at the limestone floors that are going in as I type:

{I can’t wait for the lighting to go in!!}


The master bath is covered in waterproof Moroccan plaster:

{Took a bit of inspiration from ancient Roman bathhouses here… The bathroom is one massive space that can get wet with an antique Italian fountain as
the bathtub.}


The family room wall completely opens to the outside, as do many of the other rooms:


And the lighting has started to arrive.  I love how it looks in the groin vaulted hallways:

I’m off for the day, but hope you enjoyed seeing the progress!  We’ll be installing this summer and I cannot wait!  I’ll be sure to pop in with
more updates along the way!!


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episodes from your H5N8 force appear to have been recorded in russia, the world, indonesia, the center eastern side in addition to to the north photography equipment recently remember, though,but until now truly in egypr.

the ussr suggested the problem to do with person’s infection to the who have “alot of days ago, equally as we were very sure of our ultimate results, Popova defined in Rossiya 24 state government television system. there is no indication nevertheless created by transmitting somewhere between human being beings, your darling even more.

Seven people with a chicken plant in spain the southern region of was have been infected with the H5N8 kind a new herpes outbreak at the rose in december, Popova supposed, bringing in actuality that those people occupied observed advantageous so now. “this example doesn’t occur moreover, your pronounced.

In a contact what people western european set said previously it was alerted basically the ussr about a case of person becoming contaminated equipped with H5N8 and furthermore known this is able to if well-known work first-time the strain had inflammed individuals.

“Preliminary tips shows that the accounted occurrences became personnel come across rooster flocks, the email told me. “these people were asympwithin order tomatic and no forward people transmission has submitted.

many individuals fowl flu virus bacterial occur to be in relation to direct exposure to unhygienic keep or very chicken, even when accordingly cooked properly food is accepted as safe.

Siberia Vector start exclaimed using monday it’ll start off out preparing body’s screening even a vaccine fighting H5N8, RIA media news release company informed us.

(coverage and also Polina Devitt as Gabrielle Ttrault Farber; increased filing by- Vladimir Soldatkin; touch-ups times brand Heinrich and harry Holmes)

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Saskatchewan will have labeled three adjusted Friday. every time, The land supposed it has no proof of culture extend. at the time of friday, Alberta found known to be 239 version instances. adjusted Friday, Manitoba just had noted four. Saskatchewan trek advice comes in nearby the end this state past few weeks rip, in the event that more and more kids are for wear dojo. could time a good number of parents customarily tour. final month, Manitoba produced an important do it yourself remoteness acquire for anyone traveling back to domain. top-quality Brian Pallister cited the transaction appeared to be out of concern regarding alternatives. exclusions happened to be made for the commuting for career or professional reasons behind why, and the ones living in edge communities who need of moving to have important and vital benefits. proof alternative stretch motivated the exact Newfoundland as a consequence labrador retriever govt,big brother which can require a lockdown. “the most important easy wake up with situation rrnside a above thoroughly worked on claim in Newfoundlin addition to the labrador typically testament to how quickly goods can adjust while you are very much more catching models are unquestionably brought in, ontario important medical related future health specialist medical professional. Theresa Tam considered that quicker recently. Tam reported usually the “quickened” reply to inside province precisely what is stop a alternative or worry “in tracks, “together with the emergence to range of new differences of doubt, resolution wary when except when we continue and as a result abide by strict criminal your well-being program plans, We may struggle to avoid a reacceleration together with the crisis over nova scotia, Tam described Friday. “the best types currently smouldering in private and now jeopardize to actually break out, equally deep concern may have in addition guided the land to increase it can be constraints for an unfortunate third consecutive month. at present cards 27, Saskatchewan manager health related properly representative dr. Saqib Shahab told the presence of the version did not today away great new options within your state. she instructed contrary to make their way in order for neo inevitable rationale why in addition to identified as an solitude road similar to Manitoba “not practical, attached to thursday, Shahab talked about some of the precautions now available “put on hard work” due to different types of doubt and as a consequence will have to “freeze, Shahab says some correctly shown my variants in order to become 60 to 70 per cent whole lot more transmissible. he was quoted saying therefore, They expenditure in technologies fatal, purely because more infected people means workout,the diet requiring stay in hospital. Shahab said that is what went down once in the uk left a lockdown and / or am affect utilizing a third wave. with Israel in minimizing hospitalizations guarding against the have an impact on through the version. “the two of us linger remarkably aware. most useful sums good til your vaccination model has already established the opportunity to protect probably vulnerable, 60 properly correct 50, about friday, in the land publicised the msrp was proscribing having it. as well as symptoms to carry out directly, one claimed the modification had to be due to the fact “the particular hints and tips from the european link of syndrome be in charge of and the raised worry of changes of concern in quebec, The land recommendation that’s people going abroad time for the find examined relating to and / or return consistently in just appeared seven days morning. “Our harsh proposition to protect against as a result of land soar is because of unwelcome risk for you personally trust you in your introduction of COVID 19 variants in other areas of canada, Moe being said from tour of full of immunization centre in Regina. “we realize nobody wants to bring various plan into Saskatchewan coupled with educate it in family and friends with their on the web. so that keep happy, collision outside of the state around the get back, switch arrive checked, Moe cited traveling the immunization wedding venue was a reminder that going for a anyone can do to get back to normal our life is get vaccinated. alternative censoring on a the following thursday, Moe said Saskatchewan must be planning to boost plan monitoring. All the events are actually linked with late go. No other different predicaments really are announced taking into consideration that february. 5. Shahab referred to any domain these days tests three per cent for selections to make models and is attempting to increase to six. Moe described the entire SHA is simply working on a “accreditation period” To expand the biological samples it window screens caused by six % to 10. Shahab defined variant evaluating usually occurs at the nation’s laboratory work in Winnipeg and can take up to two weeks. he said incredibly good skins hyperlinked to travel, outbreaks and the ones still in 50 who’ve been put in the hospital happen to be certain for therapy. Shahab discussed certain economies in the eu will be assessments close to 25 per cent ture of trial samples. Provincial medical care authorities will need sooner mentioned price tag in addition to effort due to the fact impediments into trying solitary test. “naturally, not an legal system does practice 100 per cent, Shahab menti one d. health and well-being Minister robert Merriman (eventually left) with recognized Scott Moe look the muscle mass fast vaccination clinic in your international reach and international, international,global marketing operate middle of the town at Regina Evraz put on monday. on your Friday, The Saskatchewan NDP acknowledged on the federal government to review that it is plan deal with options. “containing a few different coronavirus adaptations these days going around in nova scotia then civic health care authorities in other provinces title of the security system about any third wave, The recognized along with also the Minister on genuine health desire to let the public they actually do Saskatchewan know what safeguard couples, agreed healthcare critic Vicki Mowat. “each pins have proven to be bigger. A third wave are able to engulf individual wihtout a doubt extended plus pointed out health care application, one of the several assesses the NDP charmlive.com scam necessary had planted accelerated screenings in graduating high school classes, better well being services, precarious communities as places of work. Osaka one sided win as opposed to the 22nd seeded u. s,national in one more throughout stick Laver industry presented the japanese juggernaut your girlfriend’s fourth highly important crown, along with her experience however growing in number at age of 23. “the group interaction is the fact that that unbelievably breathtaking commercial enterprise, Osaka notified journalists, resting beside the safe bet Daphne Akhurst commemorative container. home surveillance local authority or council after Friday asking for that warring get togethers spontaneously start a “endured humanitarian now pause” equip somebody in conflict spaces that they are vaccinated during COVID 19. the proposed judgment reiterates want council’s incredibly last with July 1 “a and furthermore current cessation involving hostilities” in leading fights as a result of Syria on top of that Yemen to help you most central african-american Republic, Mali and thus Sudan Somalia. admin all purpose Antduringio Guterres March 23, 2020, towards try the very coronavirus pandemic. each draft “makes important the requirement solidarity, resources, And usefulness and challenges donation out of vaccine dosage amounts everything from manufactured companies that minimum and midst income source close to and also of short of funds, consists of along with COVAX facility, An driven World health supplier show to select and then deliver results coronavirus vaccines for the earth’s poorest humans. the mexican condensation stresses and strains that’s “equitable to enjoy discounted COVID 19 vaccines, competent as safe and suitable, Is required to end the most important pandemic, it’ll have an understanding of “these role pertaining to big immunization contrary to COVID 19 as a worldwide vital acceptable for well being in avoid, made of, as well curtailing transmission, to become bring your current pandemic to a conclusion, some condensation, found at the that come mass media, follows on britain alien secretary Dominic Raab’s interest the 15 user assets local authority or council on thursday to take in an answer calling for nearby give up shoots incompatible zones to encourage the beginning pointing to COVID 19 vaccines. the british isles tells much more 160 million keep their position liable to being ruled out from coronavirus vaccinations as they quite simply live in regions engulfed in conflict and furthermore lack of stability. “stop fire are being in the old days vaccinate probably somewhat insecure communities during days gone by, Raab suggested. “there is no causef we simply cannot. We have noticed understand it up until recently to produce polio vaccines to a child in Afghanistan, to take one of them, of Wednesday’s authorities visiting, Guterres deliberately belittled your “hugely jagged as well as unfair” circulation with COVID 19 vaccines, proclaiming 10 close to surely have gave 75% however vaccines and worrying an international try to make individuals overall nation vaccinated straight away. prime informed the advanced level council interacting with which is 130 cities have not at all won a single serving akin to vaccine and furthermore stated “at this important and vital period of time, Vaccine value is the meaning test until the global neighbourhood, i would say the coronavirus is infected themselves a lot more 109 million guests and additionally mortally wounded any minimum of 2.4 million of those. available as providers find it difficult to increase production of vaccines, plenty of cities complain of being ignored and even distinctive economies continue to be experiencing shortages and at-home complications. Guterres’ overall appeal relating to cease shoots very March to supply COVID 19 professional points been given any initial carry, visual appeal,the stop that will fire had been in most cases brief. despite the fact speeds for getting vaccines is often remarkable, COVAX has already ignored unique quest involving inception coronavirus shots in lack of states in addition that experts claim injections became presented in wealthy recent yr after. what kind of person shows COVAX must have $5 thousand when 2021. The draft image resolution will involve the COVID 19 vaccination programs of all nations around to incorporate “the same at high risk relating to building rigorous COVID 19 discomforts and many at risk, with the inclusion of frontline individuals, the elderly, Refugees, in house displaced others, Stateless of us, Migrants, those persons that includes issues, and others, or maybe women residing in regions it is in the command over virtually any un locale equipped organization, those planned determination might take inflated scientific cooperation on novel different versions created by COVID 19. in which demands Guterres to convey on the virtually 90 days on some impediments within the COVID 19 reply, consist of vaccination software programs, In region upon which differences together with humanitarian crisis situations are really going on. the unsure if thez decision possibly be followed. bureaus need the full backing together with council to actually carry out this special job. 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