January 20, 2011

Trust Me

xoxo, Lauren

I’m one of those people who goes through food cravings and I’ll eat the same thing for days or weeks in a row because I’m so obsessed with it.  (Even things like salami or soup for breakfast. )  I’ve been making this chickpea salad lately and I love it so much I wanted to share.  It’s so easy.
Just mix these ingredients together:
– Canned chickpeas
-Diced tomatoes
-diced onions
-chopped fresh pasley
-olive oil
-lemon juice
-fresh garlic (if you know your family & friends love you know matter what)
-salt & pepper & garlic salt to taste
-Finally , weird as it sounds, add capers & parmesan cheese. I swear it’s good.
…It’s so easy & even better if you can make it a few hours before you eat it so it has time to marinate.  looove it on day 2.   We’ve been having it with warm pitas & feta…  mm mm goodness
ps- I promise I’ll post pics of my laundry room as soon as I can get it clean enough to photograph!!  (I found the fabric for the curtains at Lewis & Sharon)

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