September 19, 2009

This Weekend!!!

Well, the weekend’s finally here & I’m just so excited!!! Eddie & Jaithan are in town & I can’t wait to meet some of you tomorrow at the flea market!!!! Tonight, Michele from My Notting Hill is having a cocktail party for E & J and I just can’t wait to actually meet some of my blogging friends!!! Tomorrow, Eddie & Jaithan are spending the night & I’ve got some yummy food planned so we’ll be sure to do a fun / pretty post. This poor man below (my hero) is OUT!!!! He did such a great job these past few weeks and it’s time for some rest –AFTER this weekend of fun that is 😉

Got most of my living room put together & my chairs arrived- yay!!! Here’s a quick peek & I promise to post more next week… For now I just put up some flea market paintings on the mantle wall & an old peely mirror I had… The antique crystal chandelier next to the chair is for reading (but isn’t hardwired in yet!!!) and we get gorgeous rainbows all over the walls every day.. Christian loves that. The fabric on the chairs is a linen-cotton fabric on the reverse and the rug is a custom wool one that looks so much like sisal but is soft for the little ones…

Anyway, I’ll take lots of pictures this weekend & will post next week!!! big hug & I really wish I could meet you all this weekend…


**UPDATE/ Reader Questions.. I had the rug custom made & bound with a 3 inch linen/ cotton. There are lots of brands that offer this look in wool. I went with one that was 2-toned & ribbed because I really love the look of sisal but wanted the softness of wool for kids!