November 14, 2014

This Book Writing Process

I just wanted to pop in to say hi!  I’ve been furiously working on my book this week, so I haven’t had the chance to post, but this baby is almost finished!!   And, even once it’s finished, I’m guessing there will be a lot to the editing process.  (We also still have a bunch of projects to shoot, but compared to writing this thing, that will be easy.)  I’m actually pretty nervous about turning the manuscript into Abrams, who works/ has done books with designers I really admire like Bunny Williams, Phoebe Howard, Thomas O’Brien and so many more.  I cringe inwardly when I think about my editor reviewing it.

But I cannot tell you how excited I am with how it’s coming along.  During this writing process, I’ve gone through points where I think the entire manuscript is a piece of garbage and just want to hold the delete button down for five minutes, to thinking it’s “meh,” to now- this week- thinking, “people might actually really like it!!”  So far, it’s been sort of a massive brain dump of really basic things- like sizing rugs properly for rooms or how to determine the number of curtain panel widths for windows of various sizes- to more out-there things like aesthetic and how it influences our style, creating a collected, charming & personal home, how our memories affect how we decorate & more stuff that hurts my head at times.  I’m truly trying to share every little thing that I know about decorating.  The book’s set up as a reference book- The Field Guide to Decorating–  but I’m still in there with my voice.

{This girl’s been my writing companion these past few months}


Now that the brain dump is over, I’ve been going through, editing & refining and attempting to make it readable, and also listing everything in the index so it’s really easy to reference.  My hope is that someone can either read through the book front to cover or pick it up with a question and quickly find the answer by easily looking it up in either the table of contents or the index.  And of course, it’s going to be crammed with eye-candy.  All of our newest projects are going in here…  over 20 of them!!  (It’s killing me not to share them with you right now!!!)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know where I’m at and what it’s been like.  I still feel like I’ve got a long way to go, but I can definitely spy the finish line around the corner.  Ps- all great on the pregnancy front! Feeling good!

Have a great weekend!!!

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