May 15, 2020

They’re here!!

Meet Love and Story Liess!! We’re all completely obsessed with our goslings and I can’t really even fully express how much better I feel.  I’ve had this sad spot inside since our geese left and this just feels right for us.  This time, we got Romans instead of Embden geese.  Both are white but the Romans are smaller and lay more eggs.  We read a bit about their personalities and felt like we wanted to try Romans after a lot of accounts saying they were calmer.  It’s only been a day but there is a noticeable difference in their temperaments which is really interesting.  They don’t want to be put down and cry when we put them down to be picked back up and our embden were very nervous when we held them as goslings.  The embden followed us everywhere and were really strongly imprinted at fist and stuck very close to one another when wandering but the Romans seem to wander a bit more from us and one another.  When they get too far they start peeping for us to come get them and then just want to snuggle.  It’s adorable.

The kids have been playing “restaurant” this week and we’ve been eating a lot of meals on a folding table in our driveway.  It’s been the most amazing thing and we’ve been served leftovers and omelettes that they did all themselves.  I’m loving it because we literally just get to sit and eat and get served.  (whaaaat??!!)

We’re all completely in love. The folding chairs were thrifted at different times and I get them whenever I see them.  The silver candelabra (affectionately called “Lumiere”) came with our house (the owners left us some really special things!!), the cod gluggle jug is available in our new Lauren Liess and Co. shop here and the plates, blush line napkins and brassware (dishwasher safe!!)  are all in stock and I’ll be adding them as soon as I can!

We are so grateful for all the support we’ve seen for the new shop- thank you so much!!!  We’re living, breathing, dreaming (work dreams!!) it completely right now!!  I did a lot of packing last week to try to help Dave with the packing and unfortunately kind of messed up on his packing groove and I accidentally sent some packages out with the wrong things or missing things etc. 🙁   I’m really kicking myself…  I felt like I was really concentrating but I guess I’m terrible at it.  In truth, I was pretty bleary-eyed (we’ve pulled some all-nighters) but I think I’m learning to stay in my lane and learn my strengths and weaknesses.  So if you did receive one of the mess-ups- I’m so sorry and it was me… And I’ve been kicked off that job so hopefully it won’t happen again! You have all been so gracious and patient about that too- so thank you!!

Sending hugs and will be back soon with more gosling updates.

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