June 30, 2013

The White Box Challenge

A month or so ago, one of my super sweet & talented blog friends
(“blog friend” is going to be added to the dictionary soon, I’m sure of
it 😉 Bryn of Bryn Alexandra of the popular blog Bryn Alexandra Interiors  invited me, along with a few other bloggers, to participate in her joy + revelry “white
box challenge.”  The idea was that we would all receive a surprise gift
in the mail (who doesn’t want that?!!) to style in our own way for
photos we’d share on our blogs.  Even though we’d all be receiving the
same gift, it would be fun to see how differently we all used it.  Our
readers would then receive a 10% off coupon code to be used towards any
purchases.  Joy + Revelry is a new online store where bloggers have set
up “shops” selling carefully curated items in their shops.

Anyway, when my white box challenge gift arrived in the mail, I was surprised to see that it was actually a white box.  Too funny.

I’m using mine on the nightstand to as a little corral for my jewely & the hair bands that seem to accumulate there:

The white box’s beautiful lucite lid keeps me from hoarding because I want to be able to clearly see what’s inside:
It’s the perfect little modern touch for the rustic dresser we have beside our bed:


And, since I’m the procrastinating blogger, I’m also the last one to
post, so I thought it would be fun to share snippets of the other
bloggers’ white box challenges with you.  (And I didn’t peek at these
until I was all done, promise!)

I love what Stephanie of A Brooklyn Limestone did.  It’s the perfect place for the remotes!!!  (I may have to change uses now 😉 ;)…

{To view Stephanie’s full post, click here}
I also like Chassity of Look Linger & Love’s white box photos.  I love how she’s hung her art over the bookshelves with library lights!!! So pretty & fresh:
{To view Chassity’s full post, click here}
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our different takes on the same little white box.
What would you do with yours?

To check out Bryn’s shop, click here.  She has some really great things you’ll love!!!   To see out the actual white box, click here.
Thank you so much to Bryn for including me & congratulations on
the new endeavor at joy =+ revelry!!!  And don’t forget to use the
coupon code for 10% off: BRYN_WHITEBOX_10

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