November 12, 2013

The Push Broom

 We spent a lot of time in our new studio this weekend, moving things in, staging a vignette for a photo shoot and then dismantling it all…  The past couple of months have flown by so quickly, I haven’t had much time to really let things sink in. {Image from a beautiful post on broommaking by}

Sunday was one of those perfect Fall Days- the crisp kind where the leaves are falling and every once and a while you get a good gust of wind- and for a couple of hours- and I got the chance to see what our shop will feel like when it’s all done.  It was one of the only times I’d slowed down enough to really appreciate it.  I was prepping flowers as Dave was using the push broom to sweep out the shop and the front door blew open and a whirlwind of crunchy leaves flew in.  It was kind of ridiculously charming and we just cracked up as we pushed the door shut against the wind..

“I thought that only happened in the movies.”

“Guess not.”

We started talking about how you always see shop owners in movies “sweeping out their shops” and so we learned it was real.  It’s what you do.  (And leaves really do fly in on blustery days.)

You may do the glamorous stuff too- every wee once in a while- like host parties or sales but it’s more likely you’re sweeping and doing paperwork, which is strangely satisfying at times.

“Did we even buy that push broom?”

“Nope.  it was here when we moved in.”

“Guess they knew we’d need it.”

{My backyard view this morning}

It’s surreal to be actually readying a shop for clients after imagining it for so long over the years.  So this week, I’m going to try to focus on enjoying the set up process and taking in some moments…  Enjoying the push broom and everything that comes with it.  I have no idea what will happen in the future with everything we’re putting into play, but I’m going to try to exhale a little and enjoy the ride.

And watch the leaves Fall today because it’s incredibly blustery out.  (I just may have to leave the door slightly cracked so that happens again 😉 😉

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