October 3, 2013

The Pure Style Home Fall Decorating Challenge

I’ve waited long enough to talk about Fall this year.  (It might be my favorite season but I’m afraid to commit 😉

Each year, I attempt to cozy up the house when the things start to get crisp outside.  Last year, our house was gutted, so I made no effort to “cozy up” anything, but this year, being the first real Fall in our new house, I’m giving it a go.  I need to take baby steps though, as there’s only so much that can be done in a day.  (I feel lucky when dinner’s on the table an the kitchen is halfway cleaned before putting the boys to bed at night.  The thought of spending any true chunk of time on my house on weekday is laughable.) )

{Little red maple leaf in our bedroom garden}

SO… I’ve decided that this year I’m breaking down my Fall decorating into baby steps and that I’d share them with you and invite you to join me in an effort to make it more manageable and to hold myself accountable 😉

Each week, I’ll share my Fall decorating “To Dos” and if you’d like to join along and share, either:

1)Leave a comment in the comments section linking to your blog post on it


2) Send me an email at blog@laurenliess.com with a photo that I can possibly repost to share.

Feel free to join along in the activities without sharing too!

Each week, I’ll pick a couple of the projects to share on Fridays and will be sure to mention you and link over to your blog. (if applicable)  I’m hoping that by Thanksgiving, we’ll all have festive Fall-feeling homes that came about pretty painlessly.

So, now onto:


Throws are a hot commodity around here.  I always have one (even when I’m working)  and the two older boys (6 & 3) are taking their cue from me.  There’s a lot of carrying throws up and down the stairs in our house so they’re a key accessory at our place.  When Fall hits, I launder & put away all of the lighter throws and bring out the cozier ones.   At this point, I’ve brought out a couple of our heavier throws but that whole laundering and putting away things just hasn’t happened so I’m going to get on it!!

So this week’s challenge is to put away any summery throw you might have out, and bring out the thicker ones!  (If you don’t have any throw blankets and are looking for a little special something for Fall, I’ve noticed tons of pretty ones in stores lately. I’ve been trying to hold back 😉

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