December 20, 2011

The Holiday Whirlwind

I guess it probably seems like this every year, but this year seems extremely whirlwindish in terms of the holidays coming up quickly.
At work, our past month (or 2) has been jam-packed with client installations & presentations and it has floooown:


{mid-installation day in a living room}
{a dining room}
{sneakity peek of the adjoining living room}
{a master bedrom}
{a sliver of a family room}
{the neighboring breafast room with kids’ art gallery}
{an almost-finished master bedroom…  will be sure to post a new pic with artwork, styling & new bedding}
…And there are a few more that I just can’t post quite yet… but it’s been ca-razy.  (And thank God for my assistant, Meghan.)

At home though, we’ve tried to take it easy and we’ve been leaving our weekends fairly open so we have time with each other.  I’ve been coming out of the first-trimester pregnancy coma and am almost halfway there till baby arrives.  (NOT that I’m wishing this time away…  I know this is the probably the easiest my life is going to be for a loooooong time 😉  But we’ve been slowly adding Christmas around our house.  One of my favorite simple ways to make the house feel festive is to put hack cut white poinsettias & place them in containers around the house:


{I mentioned last year that I’d seen it in an old Better Homes & Gardens article & it really is sooo fast & pretty.  It’s the perfect 1-minute centerpiece.}
We also strung up COLORED LIGHTS outside our house.  I know, I know.  But the kids love them…  And I sort of do too.  (shhhhhhhh 😉
I’m extremely behind on Christmas shopping, as always.
..And…  we celebrated Justin’s 2nd birthday last night with my parents & grandparents.
 I can’t believe how big my baby got!! 
{This is a picture of him just after triumphantly annoucing to the table “I’m two!”}
Above, that’s his Pop Pop/ my step dad Tom  is making sure he doesn’t dive off 🙂


We celebrated with a caramel cake sent to us by our friends at John Rosselli in Georgetown.  My mom topped it with rice krispy treat snowmen- oh my:
{As you can see, it’s tough to have to blow out two whole candles.}
My little sister, “Auntie Morgan,” is on the left holding Christian.
Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your own whirlwind.  I’ve realized that life never really does seem to slow down so you have to make your own moments to savor.  We’ve been trying ourselves & I hope you’ve gotten some in at your house too!!

xoxo, Lauren

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