February 19, 2014

The Conservatory

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a “greenhouse.”  I loved the idea of being able to walk into a room in my home anytime that felt like summer.


{conservatory by Vale Garden Houses }

Being surrounded by lush ferns, moss, citrus trees and true green goodness everywhere honestly wakes something up inside of me.  It makes me breathe deeper and I feel a sort of weight lifting.  
I’ve been known to visit the warmth of the local garden center’s greenhouse in February to get through the winter.


{image via espacepourlavie.ca}


This past week, we vacationed in the Keys and seeing the palm trees, ferns and green everywhere was so uplifting.  It made me think more about my “dream room.”


{We had the most relaxing time}

We “finished” our house this summer,  but I’m pretty much always planning something or toying with an idea.  Once of them is building a conservatory.  My house is strange, and it’s wide and narrow (the way I like it)….  Behind my garage and next to my family room, there is some space…  It’s at the base of a hill and it’s in an odd shape that would take some thought…  But I know it’s possible.  

Here’s a pic of my house to give you an idea:


{The pair of glass doors on the left side of the house is the family room, and  part of it juts out about fifteen feet farther than the rest of the
house, (the photo cuts it off so you can’t tell that it juts out so far or see the garage which is beside it)  so I’d like to try to tuck it in
there….  }

This isn’t something that’s very practical or that can happen in any sort of near future, but I’m still excited by the possibility and am going to make
it happen one day.


{image by Sunnyside Up Magazine}

I would want it to be a room off of our actual house so I wouldn’t need to go outside to get there.

The roofline might need to be something like this to work at our place:

{image via  


I’d want it to open up to the outdoors so I could keep potting supplies and garden tools in there and have it open on warm days… And I’d want it to be warm and humid and luscious.


{image source unknown via pinterest}

 I’d love to have citrus trees so I could just go breathe in the blooms.  (And eat!!)  Figs trees and gardenias & jasmine…  the
things that I can’t really grow year-round here and that would smell like Heaven.  (When plants come in my house for the winter, they die… I’d
be hoping to change all that.)


{image from here}

I’d visit it in the mornings and get my little kick of nature even in the winter…


{image via  
myleshenry.blogspot.com }

And we’d hang there: read, eat and party.  (!!Eeeeeeeek I wish I could do it now!!! 🙂

Do you have any “dream rooms” of your own?

{By Vale Garden House}

Also, Since I’ve been gone, I am a bit backed up on posts so more than 1 may be going up a day for a bit!  Have missed you!!

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