July 18, 2013

The Butterfly Garden

When we moved to our new house, I was so happy to see an overgrown butterfly bush in the back yard!!  We’d had one at our first home and loved watching all of the gorgeous butterflies on the blooms.  It sits right on the edge of our kitchen garden:



We have butterflies of all colors & kinds and the perfect view of it from our living room window, where I planted a little lavender garden that they seem to love too.

Here’s one I took a blurry picture of this morning:

{Love her!!}
It feels almost like we’re outside when we’re inside and it just makes me so happy to have that little bit of beautiful life around the house.  In the evenings we take the boys around to visit the butterflies & it’s so relaxing.
The butterfly bush also has such pretty blooms that I love to bring inside.  Here’s a little arrangement I picked for our clients earlier this week in their new dining room:


And a little more of a peek into the finished dining room with my clients’ new little monkey prints:


It’s the little things that make life feel good.  As we try to get through this insanely busy time, I’m really trying to stop and take it in. Wish me luck with this, I need it right now!!!  And you too!!

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