November 29, 2020


We had a quiet Thanksgiving this year… My mom and grandmother (who celebrated on their own to avoid a crowd) sent over a couple of dishes and we cooked for 20 something people even though it was just the seven of us so we’ve had leftovers for days.  (We’ve turned it into turkey soup with vegetables, turkey salad, potato soup, and there’s still more turkey and stuffing.)  There’s been a lot going on at work and we’ve been devoting most of our free time to the new store / working weekends so it was really nice to have some time at home with the family and off of email. We ended up cooking/ kitchen-dancing together all morning/ afternoon and then heading outside to hang out with the geese for the rest of the day.  And I’m still full.

My mom sent us her curry pumpkin soup! (And I dropped kale in my wine glass when I was making the salad)

Rory gathered chives from the garden for a chive drizzle we made for on top of the mashed potatoes. (will share the super easy recipe as soon as I have a minute to write it down!)  She’s wore an old dress of mine that my mom saved. (aaaand added sneakers – ah vell!) 

I’ve been working on my next book and work has been nutty and it was so nice to have time off with the kids. Christian (here) is a huge help with meal prep and did the stuffing.  I’m wearing the Lauren Liess & Co. FOREVER BLOUSE with MOM JEANS

Christian took the girls for a little dip in the creek. Waders for the kids were one of the best things we got when we moved here

I ended up forgetting to even make an arrangement for the table but eating was good and I felt really thankful we’re all together and okay. I don’t quite have words for how hard I know it is right now for so many and I hope you’re doing okay. Sending you love.

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