August 12, 2017

Thank you!

THURSDAY, AUGUST 17th @ 1 PM EASTERN, but it’s best to check your local cable provider for the exact time in case it changes across time zones.

It’s been a fun & nutty couple of weeks for us over here!  The baby is due next week and during the time when I would normally hide away &
nest, we’ve been all over the place!  Our HGTV pilot show BEST HOUSE ON THE BLOCK aired almost two weeks ago and it was a seriously special experience
for us.  David’s parents were in town and my dad (who has been under the weather for years & is finally & thankfully doing much better)
finally came to visit too.  Our town pub, The Old Brogue, hosted a little viewing party for our friends & family and I don’t think we’ve had
our family together like that since our wedding, almost 12 years ago.

{My sweet best friend from high school, Alissa, surprised us with these amazing balloons!}

{She also made this beautiful INSANE chocolate mountain of a cake!!!}

It was overwhelming & just so special to get together with the people we love to watch this thing we’d been working on for so long…  I was nervous,
excited, embarrassed & proud all at once…  I can’t believe what an amazing job the crew, our incredible showrunner,Tim Eagan, our production
company, Collins Avenue, and the HGTV executive team did.  I’m not sure what I expected, but it truly felt like a “real” show!!!!  We REALLY
hesitated about being with other people when the show aired because we had no idea how we’d feel about it, but in the end decided that the people closest
to us would all lie to us & tell it was great no matter what, so why not??! 😉 😉  (And, we don’t have cable & needed somewhere to go!!)

I definitely got teary when I walked up & saw those balloons & the people we love there, supporting us & just being there for us… and also
when my parents shed a few tears after the show had aired.  I rarely see that from them and I loved that they finally got to a see (almost) in
the flesh what it is we do for clients & to see what all of our ‘crazy’ is generally about.

{one of our “driving” scenes}

Seeing yourself on TV is sort of like when you’re leaving a voicemail & you hear your voice playback…  Um yeahhh….

I realized I get “the crazy eye” and make expressions like THIS fairly frequently when talking design/ I get excited:

…And I loved watching this guy:

Our amazing contractor & friend Mike Carr -of CarrMichael Construction- made the entire thing possible.  Our timeline was SO tight (1 month!!!)
and the paint was literally drying at the reveal!!!

{Us, talking kitchen plans with Mike}

The episode will air again (This next week- Thursday. August 17th @ 1 PM Eastern!!) and MAYBE again in different time slots, so we still have no idea
if ‘Best House on the Block’ will go to a full season, but already, it was worth it for the experience itself.

Not only did we have so much fun filming it with the team, but it was truly rewarding to get to work with our incredibly sweet clients and help them
turn their home around on such a short timeline & tight budget.  I’ll be forever grateful to them for trusting us so implicitly with their
home… the entire design was a complete surprise to them and I know it had to have been hard for them to totally let go like that!!

{Us, at the reveal, after our clients had seen their home… Definitely feeling all googly & a little emotional for them.}

Anyway, I also wanted to thank so many of you for the all of the support & kind words.  It’s been seriously overwhelming and again, whatever
happens, I’m so thankful for all of you reading here.

And in more HGTV news, I have a couple of amazingly talented friends who ALSO have pilot shows airing around now too!!!  The first is designer
Ashley Gilbreath & her beautiful family of SWEET HOME RENOVATION…

..and the next is real estate guru designers P.J. & Thomas of DOWN TO THE STUDS:

These are all, straight-up, some of the kindest people I know in the industry & we’re wishing them the very best!!

…And on the home front, things are settling down…

{Fawn continues to play the “colorblind” card on the white sofa}

…and we’ve been getting a little downtime outside this week before the baby gets here…

{Hansel, showing off for the camera.}

{David & the kids have been catching bass in our pond!!}

We’re trying to hang as much artwork as possible & our upstairs attic studio feels so much better with some of our landscape collection on
the wall behind the window seat:

And, the nursery wallpaper finally went up!!  Two-year old Gisele will be sharing with the new baby (we have two cribs in there) and it’s
now one of my favorite place to be in the house.  We’ve since hung art & lights and it’s probably the most “finished” room in our
house right now, which is so peaceful in & of itself…  even though the room is like a little jolt of electricity in our primarily
neutral-toned home!

{Gisele’s favorite color seems to be yellow so I ran with it.}

…And I put up my maternity away message this week and have been having “dates” with the kids to try to get as much time in them as possible before
#5 arrives next week which has been Heaven!!!

{out to dinner this past weekend}

Anyway, I’m signing off for a bit to have this little one, but before I leave, I’ll barrage you with once more with TV show info.  (Sorry!!!)

If you’re interested in watching the next airing of the show, it will be airing on:

I’ve gotten a few questions about airing specifics and here are the answers/info I’ve got from our production company & from readers who understand
cable TV better than I do. My apologies that I didn’t know any of this sooner but here we go:

– The “1:00 PM Eastern” thing actually means that for those who have DirectTV, they will need to calculate the time in their time zones to watch,
but for those who have other cable providers, it’s best to check the local listings for “BEST HOUSE ON THE BLOCK/ HGTV” time slot because it
could actually air at a different time.

-It’s NOT yet airing in Canada or anywhere outside of the U.S. Sorry!! 🙁

-There is some sort of HGTV streaming available for those who have cable or access to it but you have to have the cable account info to do it.
There is currently no online streaming from the HGTV website.

– When you DVR it, it supposedly “counts” for ratings but it needs to be watched within 7 days for that.  (A reader whose husband is in TV
programming mentioned this.)

-Whether or not the show goes “to season” depends upon how many people watch it EACH time it’s aired and how well it’s received.  If you liked
it and want to see a full season, you can show support by sharing info about it on with friends & on social media, and commenting on
HGTV’s facebook page/Twitter or Instagram posts about it & sharing them. (And by watching it, of course! 🙂

-To check out a couple little previews of the show, check out the HGTV FACEBOOK PAGE here.

Thank you so much again & I’ll be back after we have a new little family member!!!