October 28, 2011

Terrariums- Why Not?

I saw a couple of interesting terrariums at High Point Market that I just loved.  You might remember that although I love plants & flowers, I have a black thumb when it comes to indoor plants.  (Although there is 1 plant in my house that has been alive for a year now!)  I’ve always liked terrariums and have never given them a shot.  After seeing some “easy” (according to their owners) beauties at Market, I think I’ll try them out.


{Europe 2 You’s terrarium filled with a gorgeous oregano that looks like flower blossoms- who knew??)
Here’s a more modern version filled with succulents & tropical plants:
{At Bevara Design House}
I love this one:
{image via Design Sponge}

…And I can actually do moss.  Sort of.

This one is whoah:

{image via theoptimisticmuse.blogspot.com}
…And this little ferny fern I could maybe handle:
{image via weegohome.com}

My window boxes are half dead ( I have plans to add in some mums to replace the ferns I killed) and maybe when I’ve finished with that I’ll get some terrariums in the plant hospice (my house).

Have a great one!!

xoxo, Lauren

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