August 15, 2018

Still Summer


{have had lots of snuggle with my babes time lately}

I cannot believe it’s midway through August but I’m holding onto summer for as long as I can!  I love having the kids home and no true schedule!

Work has been busy but we’ve been concentrating on trying to carve out as many moments with the family as possible and I’m feeling pretty refreshed.
We joke that Dave’s the “social chair” of the house – he does all of our scheduling & social life coordination- not that we have much of one
;)- but he’s been amazing this summer at putting together lots of last minute little outings for family quality time.

I’ve been moving at a crazy fast pace for so long that I’m finding these last-minute things have been really good for us.  I don’t worry about
how packed the schedule is because I don’t even know it’s coming, but we still get the time in and it just doesn’t feel as “busy” as it would for
me if all of our free time was “planned” in advance.  

{Gisele is now 3}

{we’ve had so much chill time & I’m loving it}

We’re working on some truly special projects at work- a few of which are with longtime clients who have become good friends- and it’s just been so
much fun and so exciting to get back to business as usual.

I absolutely love having a business and we’re constantly setting goals and direction for ours and for the past couple of years, I’ve really had a desire
to branch out.  The first taste of it was my textile line, and then, writing Habitat a
couple of years ago was eye-opening and I realized how much I loved writing to put an actual product together- lol EDITED writing/ sorry about
all of the typos here!! ;)-  something that took time and that I could pour my heart into and would be lasting and that could maybe help or
inspire the person reading it.  I truly loved the process and realized that I wanted to not only write more, but to continue to create other
lasting things, like the fabrics, that excite me.  We’ve got some product collaborations in the works that I could NOT be more excited about!!

{Hanging in the foyer}

I’ve realized I’m happiest when we’ve got our client projects at work in full-swing and I’ve got a creative project or two (or five??) moving forward
on the side.  I think both David & I enjoy the change, excitement and challenges that new ventures bring and love figuring
out paths forward for our business.  It was probably this more than anything that led us to do HGTV’s Best House on the Block…
We were ready for an adventure & to try out something new and branch out.

{a sunflower in our garden}

On the house front, we -shockingly- have no plans to move this year!!! 🙂  This fall will mark the two-year point living at our current
house and we’re feeling pretty planted this time.  That being said- I’m feeling the itch!!  We’ve been on the hunt for a property
to buy and rehab and resell (Basically a flip with high quality everything that’s been fully designed & furnished) with Mike Carr of CarrMichael
Construction.  We are just getting started and have been to a few properties this summer that I’ve loved but it’s looking like it might
take some time to find “the one.”  I want it to be a really special house with a soul or quirk but I’m finding that a lot of these “really
special” houses (which are basically super messed up and haven’t been maintained) would cost more to renovate than we could sell them for.
We’ve already found a couple I’m dying to do but the price just hasn’t been right.

On the homefront- my garden has been my respite and it brings me such a sense of peace.  We eat dinner in the garden and I feel like time
just stops when we’re in there.  I’ll have to do a separate post on it because it’s just about my favorite place in the world.

The geese are HUGE and hungry!!

{front right is Simone, who’s now the littlest, front left is Hans, behind him is Gabriel, and back right is Gretel… it’s easier to tell them
apart in person.}

They’re so funny and are MUCH higher maintenance than Hansel & Gretel were.  They’re so sweet and they come when called but getting the
property suitable for them has been no small task.  They don’t swim in the pond and are just so much more tame than Hansel & Gretel
were that I worry about them.  Hansel & Gretel knew to swim to the pond for protection and stayed on our property but my babies seem
pretty clueless right now.  We’ve added chicken wire to all of our fences to keep them from wandering and will most likely have to gate
in our driveway.  They meet us at their pen every evening and go right in which makes that process super simple.  They often do “hold
ups” in the driveway when we’re trying to leave and either stand right in front of the car or chase it down the driveway.  (This is really
helpful in getting to places on time.  😉

Fawn, our pup, loves them a little too much.  She chases them sometimes and other times they all just hang but they’re pretty scared of her.
We have the yard zoned off so they each have their areas but sometimes they wander into her zone- something Handel & Gretel never did.
We’re also thinking about getting another pup to give Fawn some company, and let’s be honest, so I can squeeze him/her and hug him and love
on him!!

And… Today is Aurora’s first birthday!!!

I can’t believe my baby girl is a year old.  Unreal.  She makes five kids feel manageable (which I guess is why we’re getting a puppy?
Can we not rest??!!) and she’s just such a sweet easy happy little thing.  She’s always smiling and the kids are all amazing with her.

She & Gisele are peas in a pod and I’m actually pretty hopeful that they’ll be the kind of sisters that generally get a long.  They
share a bedroom and I love hearing them in there laughing in the mornings.  (Much better than the crying at night- Aurora still doesn’t
sleep through the night. womp womp.)

And finally, we don’t have our air date for Season 1 of Best House on the Block, (Here’s a link to the preview for the pilot) but we’ve been told it will air in the fall so it’s getting close!!!  I am SO EXITED!!! It was a major
labor of love and we cannot wait to see it and for all of you to see it!!  I’m seriously nervous and have no idea how it’s going to
be, but either way it goes, our clients were over the moon with their finished homes and it was such a fun experience, which is really
what it’s all about.   I’m planning on posting about the projects here after the episdoes air and will be sure to share lots
of my reasoning/ thoughts behind the designs with before & after pics.

I’m out for the day but sending all my best to you!!

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