June 16, 2012

Simple Pleasure Friday: Fresh Sugarsnap Peas

{Porcelain Farmer’s Market container from my best friend, Frammy.  By Anthropologie}

One of my favorite things to do (and don’t do often enough) is to peruse our local farmer’s market with my boys, tasting and buying fresh food.
Last week we bought some sugarsnap peas and as soon as I tasted them, memories rushed back to me.   I haven’t had fresh sugarsnap peas since I was a kid.

What struck me about the sugarsnap peas was not how good they were (I like them but can only eat a few at a time… it’s not “love”) but how they brought me back to summers…  The flavor made me think of my Grandma Maestranzi’s summer cottage vegetable garden and also of my Aunt Janet’s garden in Rhode Island.  It also reminded me of snapping green beans for my Grandmother.  It’s amazing how taste & smell bring on the memories.

Had any good simple farmer’s market pleasures lately?

xoxo, Lauren

Enjoy your weekend!!

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