March 13, 2014

Studio Talk: How to Freshen Up Your Home and Make It Look Like "You"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting a gathering for a Great Falls Women’s Group and gave a little impromptu talk in the studio about how to freshen up your home & make it look like ‘you.‘  I broke it down into 5 doable steps and answered questions.


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Here’s a teensy tiny little clip of the talk  (I don’t yet know how to do a longer one on here but will try!!) in case you’re interested:

It was really casual & lots of fun and I wanted share a quick rundown of the 5 steps with you. 🙂

1. Create a clean slate.  Clear out anything that you don’t love, especially an eyesores.  (Like maybe that rug you’ve item you spent a lot of money on and have had forever but don’t actually like??)  You can’t create something you’ll love in the end if you don’t like the foundation you’re building on.  Take a critical look at everything: upholstery, rugs, window treatments, lamps, accessories, etc.  Getting the bones & building blocks right is key.

2. Determine both the mood and style you want your home to have.  Write it down or put it into your phone so it will be at the forefront of your mind when making decisions regarding your home.  Mood relates to the feelings your home will bring about in you & in others who visit and how the home itself feels. (Ie do you want a “cheerful” home or do you want a “quiet, calm” home?)   Style is more concrete.  (Examples would be “rustic” or “Midcentury.”  or even “rustic Midcentury.”  Combinations are great because the more specific you can get, the stronger your vision will be.)  Both mood and style are equally important.  Make sure every purchase you make and every decision you make it with style & mood in mind.

3. Make a list of everything you need to do and buy for your space.  (Each room should have its own list.  Keep the rooms separate so that the process is more manageable.)

4. Attack Your “To Do” list.  Go after the items one by one and don’t stop until you’re done.   Remember to think about style & mood with every decision.  If you find things that aren’t on your list but you love them and feel they’re “you,” go for them, because it’s the personal , the quirky and the unexpected that makes a house feel like a home. 

5.  Infuse charm.  A home is about more than just a bunch of well thought out decisions and things… it’s about atmosphere, which touches all of our senses.  Make your home smell good, (candles, baking cookies, open windows…)  play music when you can, prepare great food, bring in fresh greens and flowers whenever possible, and make sure that it’s comfortable and cozy… lights on dimmers, candles when appropriate and things right where they need to be.  All of these little things that tickle our senses bring us unexpected pleasure and a bit of delight.  Have fun with it and pay attention to how all of these little details affect people’s moods and find creative ways to figure our how charming you can truly make your home.  


These five steps are pretty much an abbreviated version of what we do at work every day.  It’s a pretty tried-and-true method that works for both large & small scale projects.  Hope you enjoyed my little recap and wish you all could have been there!

To check out the micro-clip go here:


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