February 18, 2012

Remember Our Old Bathroom Sink?

We moved into our 70s fixer upper 2 and a half years ago and had to make a few quick & easy fixes…  One of them entailed painting our boys’ GREEEEEN bathroom sink white with a porcelain painting kit about 2 years ago.  It’s also the guest bath on our main level so everyone sees it.



{To read about that process 2 years ago, click here}

It worked okay for about a year or so but then it started peeling.  (And we lived with it peeling for a bit too long- sorry guests!!)

I would still recommend the product we used for temporary fixes…  It honestly made things better without much effort or money spent, but it’s not a permanent solution, as you can see here:


I’ve been a little embarrassed everytime guests use the bathroom & have been meaning to replace it for a while now.  A couple of months ago we bought the Ann Sink from Ikea which I love.  I still didn’t really want to spend much in the kids’ bathroom & I went for another rather quick fix with this baby:
I bought a beautiful chrome fixture from somewhere else with standard specs to go with it but when we tried to install it, of course it didn’t fit Ikea’s specs on the sink.  SO…  back to Ikea we went (a month of so later I might add) to get the fixture they’d made for the sink, which I wasn’t very happy about.
..I actually think it looks great!  I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would (or really at all to be honest) and I am so excited about this thing!!!  (Is it sad that that’s all it takes for me??) My husband’s been a little busy with work/ home lastely so we actually had it installed by our contractors.
No more water splashes on the wall behind the sink and NO MORE GREEN!!! wahoooo    There’s even a little ledge for soap and a little pretty something.
Next up:  Adding a #3 towel rod in there for the little one on the way!!  (see reflection in mirror 😉
I’m off for the day but have a beautiful weekend!!

xoxo, Lauren

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And thank you to the guys at CarrMichael Construction for the great work!!

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