I walked into the kithen the other morning and found this treasure map on the fridge:


“A cruncher like this would be too BOLD, but seek and ye may find a slapper of GOLD!”
At first I thought it was a little treaure hunt/ game that my husband had made for the kids. But then I read it again…  I call the 3-hole punch in our office the “cruncher:”
And so I realized that “slapper” must mean stapler…
And I had just seen the prettiest stapler EVAAA when we were at Pottery Barn…
So I followed to the end of the map…
I saw the drawing of the banana peel & had no idea what that meant  (He just told me that it was a chandelier)
… but I recoginzed the shelf with binders & boxes and glasss jugs on it as the one from the
back office:
{See the shelf all the way to the right?}
And I ran down there and on top of the shelf where X had marked the spot, there was the beautiful brass stapler that I’d been eyeing!!
Here’s a quick pic I snapped of it:
{The “slapper” of gold i.e. a brass stapler from Pottery Barn}
I love it!!
 I’m not five years old any more, but my husband understands that I still get excited about things like a five year-old.
…and that makes me really happy.

xoxo, Lauren

ps- I love that he thinks that a brass crucher (3 hold punch) would be too “bold” …  I think he’s right 😉 😉

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