The built-ins are finished in our family room/ future nursery sometimes office!!  (To view the original plans & thinking behind the room, go here.) They made SUCH a difference!!  WARNING: There is no pretty styling going on over here right now… I literally just moved some books in because I was running out of space upstairs and laded the shelves with what had been in the old room… so don’t judge. 😉  But here they are:
Getting organized just feels so good… I love new storage!!! For now, the drawers and cabinets are empty, waiting for baby things.  I’ve put most of my design books on the shelves to make more room for kids’ books in our upstairs loft, along with stationary and some art supplies.  We’ll bring out the baby goodies- books, toys, baskets, etc. and get it looking more presentable in a month or two.  Like I mentioned before, we’re not really going baby crazy in here and are attempting to keep it part-nursery / part-family room.  We’ll see how that goes.
The cabinet doors are magnetic (the push kind) and the drawers are still waiting for their hardware.  (Translation- I have to pick it out and buy it.)  I’m doing the small tab top kind you barely see to keep the look seamless.
As the room was dismantled for the job, a few things got piled on the dresser by Dave & the guys and I snapped a quick pic because I thought it looked good:
They’ll hang there for now until the crib moves in and we take out the dressers (off to the lake house! 🙂
Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little peek into our place!  I’ll be sure to post pics of the whole space once the crib is in!
On the book front…  Our final title is HABITAT: The Field Guide to Decorating. 

{The oak leaf hydrangea from the mountain house shoot, which is in the book}
I got feedback from Abrams, my publisher, that The Field Guide to Decorating sounded more like a subtitle and that we needed something stronger in front of it for the title.  As soon as they said it, I completely agreed and started brainstorming at like 5 AM with Dave one morning.  After a couple of hours, HABITAT finally came to me and it just felt totally right.  I was actually shocked that there aren’t already decorating books with the title and really love how it intertwines both home and nature which is what the book is all about.
{Behind the scenes at our clients’ kitchen shoot, featured in the book.  Pretty soapstone counters….}
I also just found out who has been hired to do the book design  and I LOVE her work.  I CANNOT WAIT to see what she comes up with!!  The actual look and feel/ attractiveness of Abrams books was a major factor in my belief that they were the publisher to go with.  The night before the auction, I went to our little library and pulled out all of my favorite and the prettiest books we had, across genres -without looking at the publisher- and piled them on a table to see who most of them were by….  My stack was OVERWHELMINGLY Abrams and the answer could not have been more clear.  So, I have no doubt that something really beautiful & unique is going to come out of this partnership.  We head to NYC this week to meet with the team there and I’m really looking forward to digging into the PR/ marketing end of things.  I CANNOT WAIT until I have a cover to share with you!!!  Will keep you posted!!
{Another, older project, that will be featured in the book.}
ps- to anyone with little kids right now-  have you seen the Avatar shows? (what’s on the screen in the pics)  We love them & that’s rare for kids TV.