The Mad Hatters arrived today for my room in the DC Design House and I am in love:

{My first Mad Hatter Wing Chair with a taupe velvet in front.. remember flash makes furniture look bad but people look better ūüėȬ† }
I had recently seen pictures sent from the factory of the chairs and knew that they looked exactly as planned but didn’t know until I sat in them that they’d be exactly what I wanted.¬† They are sooooooo comfortable…¬† And they’re big and they surround you and make you feel seriously cozy.¬† (Can you see how tall the back is?? And I’m a tall person.)¬† You can sit in normally and really easily snuggle up with a kid or pet, or you can turn sideways & pull up your feet and it’s perfect.
Here’s the side view which shows off the insanely gorgeous Michael Smith / Jasper Fabric called Grace (in Willow).¬† (Available through John Rosselli in DC)
I could take a nap in this chair:

Our curtains & pillows will come in on Monday and I cannot wait to see the Peter Dunham fabrics!!¬† I’m also mixing in a few of my own along with some others so it should be pretty collected-feeling.

We hung art work today and I’ve been looking at the photos, wondering if what I selected is too disjointed?¬† I approached the room as I would have a room in my own home, so instead of choosing pieces that work perfectly together, I went from my gut with pieces that I loved.¬† Looking¬†over the photos tonight, I can’t tell if it looks like a totally crazy¬†person did it or if it has that only-slightly-crazy Alice-in-Wonderland-feel¬†that I love…¬† ¬†I am toying with the idea of swapping out some of the more random pieces for ones that fit a little better (it is a showhouse after all)…¬† or keeping it real and a bit off the way I¬†typically do in my more personal spaces.

Any thoughts???

xoxo, Lauren

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