I’m home from a really relaxing beach week in the Outer Banks and feel so rested!!  We had so much downtime with the boys and an incredible amount of cuddling.  Yesterday, we attacked our yard and went after the kitchen garden.  (Weeding and tying up ‘maters!!  I have an embarrassing amount of dirt stuck under my nails!!!  I always forget the gloves.)  Despite weeds and some really terrible pests (those Japanese beetles grrrrrrrrr!!!) the garden has still grown like crazy and we’re bringing lots of foot inside.  Along with the food- tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, onions, carrots, chard, kale, ochra & other randoms- we have a few herbs.  The feverview was ready yesterday so I picked a few bunches and hung them to dry.  Feverview tea has been said to help with migraines and fevers- not that we really get either of those very often- but once the bunches dry (in about a week) I’ll store the leaves & flowers in jars.


{feverview from the garden}
When I was younger, I imagined that my kitchen “when I grew up” would be warm and cozy and full of drying herbs and interesting spices in jars on display.  (Anyone seen Practical Magic?? 😉 I loved going outside and finding plants, drying them and making herbal teas to give to people.  I made really elaborate packaging for my teas from colored in photocopies of the drawings of the herbs in books.    I thought I’d grow up to have an extensive herb garden and that I’d be really on top of drying herbs and making natural beauty products and teas at home.
{our kitchen…  so not the little witch’s cottage I’d imagined 😉  }
I don’t really have that dark warm & cozy kitchen I imagined at all now, or the time to be as into making things with my herbs as I thought I would, but going outside and bringing in even a couple of bunches to dry does give me that little thrill & bit of satisfaction that only fulfilling a childhood daydream can give you.  My iron baker’s racks work perfectly for stringing up bunches of herbs to dry, a function I hadn’t even thought of when we designed them.
It’s almost harvest time so I think they’ll be getting lots of use this Fall.
On a quick side note-  I wanted to let you know that I haven’t been blogging as much lately because I’ve been working a lot on my book. ( A Field Guide to Decorating)  I’m not one of those people who can write and write and never stop or post just for posting’s sake.  It’s an outlet of sorts for me.  To be happy (& stay sane!! 😉  I’m only able to put in a certain amount of time writing each week and so I hope you’ll understand as posts are less frequent in the next couple of months as I write the manuscript.  After it’s off, I’ll be able to post more frequently again.  Thanks!!!