Major progress at my cousin’s mountain house is being made!!  He has assured me that all of the trades people in the town officially think I’m insane.  Awesome.  (For those of you who might be new to my blog and/or have no idea what I’m talking about, you can view an earlier post here that explains the mountain house project I’m working on for my cousin.)


{The family room, before}

I’ve noticed that when you specify unexpected or different types of materials, finishes, colors, etc. it can sometimes throw trades people out of whack.   Many of them have been doing what they do for years and obviously know a ton about what they do, so when they see something that’s new to them, it often takes more time to do and can be bothersome.  😉 😉   (My cousin said he’s getting used to people staring at him like he’s crazy when he walks into a store asking for a certain something.  “Excuse me, can you please have leave the iron outside for a few days so it will rust?” or  “We won’t be using polyurethane on the floors.  Do you have Woca oil?” and “I need a fridge with absolutely no curves on it.”)

But- as trying as this process is for everyone in North Carolina- it’s looking wonderful from what I’m seeing so far!!

All of the faux wood paneling has been removed from the family room and the cedar ceilings have been installed:



The new hickory floors are in (still unfinished) and most of the painting has happened:


{We need to get some paintable cover plates!}

The kitchen…


…has been stripped of pretty much everything except the beams and the fireplace…


And is now the perfect blank slate:



A new much larger window is now in place for above the sink.  The refrigerator will slide in under the drywalled area to the left of the sink.

The living room, which opens to the dining room, is one of my favorite rooms and now feels so light & airy:


The loft…

… feels fresh and calm now.  The beams and walls were painted.  The stair rails have been removed and new iron ones are on the way.  A master suite has been added for privacy and you can see it through these double pocket doors:


{I am SO impressed with the guys my cousin is working with!!!  check out those beams!!}

Most of the furnishings have been ordered and our fingers are crossed it all arrives before the 4th of July, when our family is all meeting there to set it all up and hang together.

As behind on this project as I am (doing it mostly nights) I’m having SO MUCH fun with it!!!  My cousin has truly given me carte blanche (with a budget) so I’m getting to do some really fun things!!  So much of the art is incredibly quirky and I can’t wait to see his face when he sees it for the first time.  (We’re possibly planning on taping it so stay tuned! 😉  And by “see his face” I mean I’m not actually sure what his reaction will be.  In the end I think & hope he’ll love it, but I do think some of it might be a bit of a shock.  He’s much more traditional so I know some things will just seem odd to him at first.  I think he’s coming around though and he didn’t say a thing about that living room chandelier when it was installed!