We’re ALMOST able to move downstairs at our house!!! I CANNOT wait!!!
Here’s where we started:

The beams were sanded down, we added insulation & drywall to the ceiling, the floors are in and we took out the tiny windows & added two large ones farther apart so there will be more wall space between them…

The old fireplace and paneling….

….are gone.  A new fireplace is going in between the windows next week:


…And our sofa arrived!! wahooooooooooooo
This is my “little louie” enjoying it:
{poor Luke has a nickname from his big brother that’s stuck!! hahahaa}
Our kitchen will be going in behind the sofa so we’ll just have one big open room for living & eating.  (what we do best 😉
I pulled in some more furniture in so we can enjoy the room.  It’s so open & airy!! (and empty!!)
…But I’m really happy just to have somewhere to sit down there.  The white sofa is in an indoor-outdoor linen.  I tested the sample with greesy tomato sauce… I smeared it all over the sample to make sure it would wash off.  It did.  We’ll see how it fares at our place.  A wet sponge is supposed to do the trick.
And… we went to the luxe magazine (DC) launch party last night…


The first issue is beautiful and I’m so excited to have a new design magazine in DC!!  The quality of the magazine /paper itself is amazing too… reminds me of those thick glossy Veranda covers.  Photographer Greg Powers is coming over to our house Monday to take some pictures of me in my new “studio” (i.e. very messy office 😉  for the “stylemaker” section in the next issue of luxe.  We met him last night & he really sweet so it shoud be fun.  (I feel pretty awkward when I’m having my photo taken alone so nice people make it much better 😉
Here’s a quick pic of Dave & I heading out to the party:
{ignore the scary eyes}
Have a great day!!

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