Life finally feels like it’s returning to some sort of “normal” for me, and with that, I seem to have a bit more steam left for blogging so I thought I’d
ease into it by bringing back “Pretty Little Fridays.”  For those of you who are new,  I introduced random “Pretty Little Fridays” almost
four years ago with the idea that these posts would be a fun way to share a little something good that I’d come across that week or have going on at
home/ in life.  I’ve accepted that time life is FLYING, but Pretty Little Friday posts force me to slow down a bit and observe and appreciate
the little things.

Today’s Pretty Little Friday is actually from last week when we took a site visit to Florida to check on the progress at my cousin’s house.  I snapped
this shot when the plumber was installing the plumbing fixtures in the master bath.  I love the juxtaposition between the moody texture of the
plaster walls and the bright shine of the polished nickel.   The shelves in the background are for stacks of towels and hang between two shower
heads.  I was inspired by Brooke & Steve Giannetti’s Oxnard bath renovation four years ago, where they used white plaster walls for a perfectly seamless bathroom.  I’ll be back next week to fill you in on how the project’s
going…  We’re installing the first round of furnishings this spring!!