This year we’re having Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s an “off” year for our family so most of them are travelling and the gathering will be small.  My dad’s driving out from Chicago but hasn’t left yet so we’ll see if he makes it to Virginia in time.

{Our table set up in the lower level in the family room-combination-office}
My parents divorced when I was two years old, so I’m used to split up holidays and celebrating whenever it’s possible even if it’s not on the true “day of.”  Deciding where we’ll spend holidays does tend to get me a little tense because of so many years of back-and-forth between my parents and always feeling like everyone was fighting over me.  Now that I’m married and have in-laws it’s even harder because there are more people who love us (haha what a rough life! 😉 and want to be with us.  We’ll definitely be doing a bit of the celebrating of the holidays on other days this year so we can see everyone and still get to spend some time at home.
hahah okay, enough of my saga and back to the table…   I started with curtains from Ikea for the oatmeal-colored linen tablecloth.  (I didn’t have one long enough so I went with curtains…  By using two panels (unsewed and overlapping) I could spread them wider and longer.)  I layered a beautiful vintage orange quilt over the curtains.
I still have pumpkins left over from Halloween and added them to the table…
It was hard for me to get a picture of the magnolia wreath I hung at the window because the light was streaming in so strongly, but here’s an attempt:
{It’s a leftover Christmas wreath from last year that’s browned just the right amount for Fall}
I used my Grandma Maestranzi’s ‘wild clover’ china because I knew my dad would love seeing it {in case he makes it here in time ;}
{After so many years of daily use at the lake cottage, there were only 2 pieces left of her china…  I loved it so much and had so many fond memories of using it as a little girl that I went to and found a whole set for myself.}
And another pumkin… wondering if there will be any room for food on this table???
{I’ll remove some of the larger items once we sit down but I love a pretty table for guests to see.}
We might even have a fire in the wood burning stove…


…So have a very happy Thanksgiving!!  We all have so much to be thankful for.  In the least cheesiest way possible, I want to thank you for reading.  This blog has become such a big part of my life & I really appreciate your time & support.
Oh?  And the food??  ummm… yeah, we’ll see what happens with that.  We’re attempting our first turkey tomorrow!!

xoxo, Lauren

ps- I also have my 10-year high school  reunion Saturday night— so excited to see everyone!!!

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