Hi!! I hope you’re doing okay!

I wanted to share my last couple of Instagram posts with you in case you’re not on there because it’s been a busy week for us over here!



We got our first egg from the chickens! I was so excited I was running with it after this picture and  dropped it. womp womp.

Thankfully it stayed in the shell (!!) and I scooped it up and cooked it for all of us to share.   We’ve been getting an egg a day since and it feels like Christmas morning every day.

And… I am really happy to share that we are getting two (female) goslings. (If you’ve been following for a while you might remember that our male geese started attacking the kids & we decided to send them to a sanctuary.  Before we could send them, a neighbor’s 3 dogs got loose and came onto our property & attacked them.  They lived and one of our girls, Greta, was sewn up. But then, one of our males began attacking our sweet Simone so badly that we put her in our garage to keep her safe for the few nights before the boys were taken away to the sanctuary… but then she was accidentally let out by someone visiting us into our dogs’ zone with no supervision & our puppy attacked her.  I found Simone & Coal (our pup) outside walking around hanging out together but could see that she needed medical attention. At the vet they put her under to close her wounds but she had a heart attack from the anesthesia.  We then sadly decided to send Greta with the boys because we didn’t want her left all alone here. 💔


After a lot of time, thought & some convos with friends who live on farms & have experienced loss too saying we needed to try again, we are.  I never thought I could go here again and I’m thankful to them for the encouragement. I thought time would heal my sadness with the geese but I still get a lump in my throat most every time I think about our geese.

After all this time we came to the conclusion that what happened was avoidable and we’ve learned a lot about the difference between young males/ females. This time we got 2 females so we won’t have to worry about them attacking the kids & have added a gate to our driveway to & a new 1- acre enclosed paddock for the geese to free range in within our already fenced property to keep any(including our own) dogs away. A lot of work & people say we’re crazy but it’s worth it to us.  🤍 Our girls were born yesterday. 🐣🐣