Our little man #1 just turned 3.  Time’s flown and you’d think things like cakes, icing, candles, etc. would get simpler.   I “bake” cake out of a box.  I love box cakes, esepcially the kind with the little colors dots inside the batter..  mm mm so good.  We had a really last-minute birthday party for Christian & invited some of our neighbors/friends over with their kids so I decided to do cake. It came out like this:

Yeah, haven’t you ever hear of “Lightning Cake?”  I was seriously ready to serve the cake like this with icing on the side for “dipping” until my neighbor Melissa came to the rescue.  (I was at that point of ‘who cares it tastes good they’re toddlers and won’t notice?’ but all it took was a little push to get me going.)  First things first, Melissa fixed the mojitos we’d attempted with her secret recipe (dont’ you love neighbors like that??) and then turned to look at my pathetic cake- “Ok, now we have to do something with that.  You said you wanted a car, right?”  So, enjoying the newly concoted mojitos, we got to work making a car cake & it was so simple of course:


{The car cake}
Christian was so excited when he saw it.  He’s so into cars right now.  He said something about Lightning McQueen (a cartoon character-car) and I really didn’t catch the rest, but I think that’s 3-yr old for “I love it.”
(Yeah, I know the icing isn’t on the sides… we ran out.. Don’t judge 😉
Happy birthday to my sweetie-guy. We love you.

xoxo, Lauren

ps- Just as I was finishing up this post (12 AM) I heard a knocking form his bedroom door & I went to get him.  He was standing there,  “Mommy, I choked up on my bed.”  = vomit in bed.  yummy.