Six months or so ago we switched from a queen to a king-sized mattress and I’ve been loving it!!  (For anyone who remembers that I had neck issues…  they are pretty much GONE now thanks to our new mattress, a Dutchcraft Mattress Co. 12″ gel mattress!!! Seriously changed my world.)  For a few months, we had our mattress and boxspring sitting on the floor, and then got a cheapie temporary bed frame for another few months.  

{Our old brass bed…  goodbye my love!!}

I’m usually pretty decisive, but with no deadline of any sort, I took the scenic route in finding a new bed.  (It was actually kind of wonderful!!)  I was a bit bummed to have to let our antique brass bed go because I loved it so much but I ended up putting it in my dad’s lake house so I didn’t truly have to part with it.  I didn’t want to go with a new brass bed because I knew I wouldn’t love it as much as my old one, so for a while I did nothing…  But those nesting instincts kicked in recently and I got sick of the bed drifting out from the wall all of the time and the pillows falling in the crack.   It was like one day I was fine waiting until forever and didn’t care and then the next day I was over waiting and feeling super pregnant and done.  So… we ordered an upholstered bed from Restoration Hardware that arrived within a couple of weeks.  I’m not going to say I’m in love with it but the speed and price were right so we went for it.  (What I really wanted was almost twice the price so we didn’t want to go there.)


{our new bed in ‘”sand” Belgian Linen}

The new bed arrived a month or so ago and we shoved it against the wall where- as expected-  it didn’t really fit with the location of our gallery wall and wall lights.  The paintings dipped below the headboard and the lights were incorrectly placed over the now-king-sized bed.  The gallery wall looked like mayhem and it felt crazy-chaotic in there with the center all life and the pieces all askew.  We wanted to tackle it before the baby arrived and finally got a quiet morning at home this weekend.  Here’s a pic of the “holey” wall once the whole gallery came down, complete with random light placement:

{Saturday morning: A wall full of nail holes and the lights hung for the old queen bed… And that beautiful little thing on the right pillow is my blanky.  Yes, I still have one.  Always will. }

We had pretty limited time while all three of our boys were occupied doing who-knows-what and attacked that thing.   


{Propping art along the headboard to get a feel for where things would go}

And here it is all done:


There is SUCH a difference in the room now that everything actually fits!!!  


People have asked me how I’m able to “rest” in a room with so much going on but when I’m in my bed, I don’t actually see any of it… just the view of the garden. (below)  (It’s probably how I was able to go so long with it looking so terrible!!)  I only see it during the day when I’m running around the room and am obviously awake, which is the time when I like having interesting things to look at.  


Now that everything’s in place, I’m thrilled with the bed and the whole room: 


I’m so happy to be done procrastinating in here!!  Hope you enjoyed seeing the evolution!!  Have a great week!!


*the professional pics are by Helen Norman… the washed-out ones are by me 😉