For a while now I’ve been noticing that gold tones have really been catching my eye.  I’ve always been into brass & the warmth that gold tones can bring to a home but I’m wanting it more & more in my own home in things likes fabrics & art…


{Loved the way Christian’s hair matched some of the leaves this Fall}

I haven’t been able to get this orangey-mustard beauty out of my mind since I saw it on my friend Seleta’s blog, years ago for her Thanksgiving tablesettings:

I came across this gorgeous tree this Fall & it reminds me of the chandy:


I love the gold tones mixed with earthy & moody ones.

I first became conscious of how much I was loving golds when I did the boys’ room at my dad’s lake cottage this summer:

There’s something about those mustard throws that I couldn’t stop thinking about.  (Yes, I know, other people have more important things to think about…  but I occupy my brain with ponderings of color 😉  Just thinking about this room since we left it makes me happy & in the strangest way, redoing this bedroom made us start thinking of moving this past July.  It was just a tiny itch, but with us, an itch can lead to a serious rash & we were off to a new place!
I came across this beautiful ancient Egyptian Wall painting on and am crazy about it:
Around the same time I did the boys’ bedroom this summer, I finished “buttercup” and naturally, it was yellows & earth tones:
I’m really not one for “trends” & knowing what’s “of the moment” but I do think I have my own little love affairs with colors & objects & themes in design.  I start to notice them in life & in photos & just ccan’t seem to get enough of them. Whether they’re current or not, I never really care or am aware, but they’re right on for me.

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