You know when you see something ordinary that’s just so beautiful?  You get excited about it, maybe take a picture if you can & file it away for the future.   This succulent I came across was one of them.  It was massive and composed of the most luminous shades of green.  It seemed to glow in the sunlight.

I love the feeling of this plant and realized it’s often the mood I go for in my own house, particularly our living room.  Fresh & happy with a calmness about it.  It almost looks like a velvet.  It also reminds me a bit of a rug I found that woke up my living room when I brought it in.  Or an old oil painting…  It’s that perfect blurring of color.  Ah just love it!!

Anyway, I’m thinking I want to be better in the new year about collecting my inspiration photos & ideas.  Maybe a massive board in my office that’s ever-growing??


{image via apartment therapy}

Or since I have no free walls in my office, maybe down the lonely hallway off of my office???  I might have to go start right now…  The walls are peeling anyway in there.  (One of our future projects! 😉

And…  we got snow here yesterday and so it’s really starting to feel like Christmas- yay!!!  Have a great weekend!!

xoxo, Lauren

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…** UPDATE***
……Ok, I’m back (10:15 🙂  and my new inspiration wall has begun!! yay!!  It’s small but it’s a start:

{Thoughts I’d been collecting for a new project I’m working on}