To all of my readers who are moms— I hope you had an amazing mother’s day!!!  
Becoming a parent changes you inexplicably:  It’s hard to explain, but I seem to feel both more and less.  Being a parent has relaxed me about most of life and helps put things into perspective.  So much that was a big deal, just isn’t.   Yet I feel such an intensity of feelings too.  That feeling when you’re holding your child…  it’s definitely real and it’s definitely both emotional & chemical.  It’s such a strong palpable thing.  (And this is weird: I’ve realized that when I’m looking at one of my kids and thinking that he’s so cute I need to squeeze him, I do this thing with my teeth where I sort of grind them.  A little piece of my bottom tooth chipped off last weekend!!! Seriously??!!! )  Yeah, probably too much.


I never thought the hi-light of my week would be a five year-old’s soccer game.   (It really is… I sit on a blanket with the two littler ones and yell my head off cheering.  Yes, I’m THAT parent;)  
If I’m being honest, being a parent also makes me forget things, has squashed my vocabulary, and it makes me tired.   But anyone who is one, wouldn’t ask for any of their brains back in exchange for a kid.  (At least on most days… I haven’t hit the teenage years yet 😉 😉
One of my best friends visited last weekend and seeing her and her husband with their daughter was amazing.  My other best friend and my cousin (also my maid of honor) are both due with the first babies and I couldn’t be more excited for them.  They’re going to be amazing parents and I am going to grind some teeth when these babies are born!!  🙁 
{Baby Hailey (my best friend’s daughter) and Louie- our little guy enjoying a bath}
I also just wanted to share a bit about my mom- she’s one of the strongest people I know and I love her so much.  She was a single mom for most of my childhood and always put me first.  She gives such honest, unbiased advice and is always there when I need her.  (and pretty much anyone else in her life.)
{My mom & me peeking out from behind… and my “bunny}
So, happy mother’s day to all of you moms out there!!  Thank you so much for taking time out of your week to visit here!!

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