Home with one healthy one and one sick one today.  I’m somewhere in the middle.  🙂

I was thinking about happiness…  It’s definitely something that I think we all want.

There are days when it comes naturally and days when we have to work for it.

Yesterday we had the most beautiful weather ever & I was on the way home from a meeting with the music blasting.  (= complete happiness)  … And then I was running out of gas on 495 during rush hour with the nearest gas station on my GPS over 9 miles away.  On “E” my car is pretty much out of gas, and because of the blasting music & pretty day, I’d failed to notice the light when it first came on.  So not good.  (I’m an idiot).  I had to put the car in neutral when I was stopped and I was just praying I could make it to the gas station as I sat in dead-stop traffic  (= scared and totally wanting to kick my own xxx.)  But, I made it, and filling up a gas tank has never felt so good.  I walked in the door to our house after a more than 2 hour trip home and that green sofa was Heaven.

Sometimes happiness is just not having the worst happen.

For today, it’s having only one home sick.

Enjoy yours!!

xoxo, Lauren

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