Today, I’m feeling bittersweet.  This afternoon, we’re installing the “final” room in one of our clients’ homes.  We’ve been working together for over three years now, room-by-room, and I’ve loved every minute of it.  My client is super sweet, relaxed and incredibly trusting.  I adore her style and what she’s after for her home.  Every time I visit, the house just makes me smile.  (My client does too!! 😉

{Initial Project Notes}

Three years ago, we started with the living room, the dining room and a mini kitchen facelift.  We then moved on to the lower level family room, bathroom, bar and foyer area.  Or maybe it was the front porch next…  (I’m getting the order mixed up.)  Then it was creating a library out of an extra bedroom on the main level, updating a bathroom and decorating the guest bedroom.  And now, finally, today, it’s the master suite upstairs.


{the guest bedroom}

On one hand, I’m SO excited that every inch of her house feels so great, but on the other, I’m sad that it’s over!!!  I know we’ll team up again in the future, and will always have little things to think about, but it’s kind of a momentous day for us.

Helping clients with every inch of homes from top to bottom is sooooo satisfying.  With many projects, I work only on the public spaces with maybe the addition of the  master bedroom…  On others, it’s every space in the house at one time or over time and I loooove getting into every little detail like that.  Sometime finishing an entire home takes years, and because I’ve been in business for five years now, we’re finally “finishing” lots of homes that we started a while ago…  And it’s hard to let go!! This particular client has such strong personal style and so much trust in us that we’ve really been able to do some special things.  She understands what a difference we can make and even when something seems crazy and a little unconventional, she really goes for it. (hint-hint: master bedroom is going to be so good!!!)  She’s also extremely patient with the entire design and installation process, which makes working with her just so pleasant and fun.

The house is being shot by a magazine on Monday, so I’ll be sure to share details when it’s out. (soon!!)  Fingers crossed all goes well for us today!!