This past weekend we added window boxes on a whim.  I’ve always wanted them and they were on sale at the garden center so we went for it.  I loooove quick projects and this one was simple.  (Especially for me watching while Dave was up on the ladder 😉 😉
So far, I’ve been caring for them through the windows and I went with ferns because they do so well with the moisture from that air.  I’m completely blanking out on the other plant I chose but I loved it’s almost flourescent color & white blooms.
The plants are so pretty from the inside too.  You can see them from the window and it feels like they’re in the room with you.  We recently switched the boys’ rooms so now they’re sharing a bedroom and the second bedroom is a playroom.  (Over the summer when we stayed with my dad they got used to sharing a bedroom and wanted to keep it that way when we got home.   I love seeing them so excited to be together.)  Christian’s “job” is watering the plants because he knows mommy runs a plant hospice.
Over the next few months we taking down a closet in the boys room to make room for a big boy bed for Justin.  I’m planning on doing duvet covers out of one of my fabrics, “Filigree Chevron” and I can’t wait to see how they turn out!
We’re going to my friend & photogapher Helen Norman’s farm this weekend to shoot my new line of fabrics.  The crazy amount of rain we’ve had has but a bit of a {literal} damper on our original plans which included lots of field shots, but Helen’s property has so many beautiful spots I’m not worried.  My  first textile collection is completed and I have 14 different designs with multiple colorways in each pattern for a total of about 60 different fabrics.  I plan on adding a few new designs seasonally.  I’ve pulled a ton of inspiration images and can’t wait!!  love the idea of stacking the fabrics inside a piece of furniture like this one:
{image from}
Enjoy your day!!

xoxo, Lauren

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