I’ve always loved this photo of my mom with my paternal grandparents, Grandma Maestranzi and Nanoo.¬† (I know I’m not spelling “Nanoo” the correct way, but it’s how I’ve spelled it my entire life & I’m not changing it now ūüėȬ† I’m not sure where they are but I can’t get over the columns & all the intricate stone & metalwork.¬† I think my mom looks so beautiful and her pale yellow dress always reminded me a bit of the lady in Annie.¬† (the movie)
There’s something so awe-inspiring about big white columns.¬† Do you remember learning the 3 types of columns in art class?¬† They used to drill it into our heads:


{image via chalk.richomond.edu}

How beautiful???¬† I’ve never visited Greece but am dying to…


{Temple of Zeus photo by DeClan McCullagh Photography}

This is my dream:

{by Bobby McAlpine…¬† if you haven’t read his book, The Home Within Us, get to the bookstore now.¬† It’s probably the one of the¬†best I’ve ever read.¬† It was so good & so true, I got teary; no joke.¬† I have been wanting to write a post since I read it last Spring but I really need to do it justice and it’ll require a lot of thinking.¬† It will change your outlook and/or totally verbalize all those stray thoughts you had running around in your head that you couldn’t make sense of.¬† It’s done perfectly.}

I love drawings of columns & architectural details and could fill my walls & home with a collection of them.   Check out this ancient book:

I’m considering¬†this drawing originally by Sir William Chambers for a client:


One of my favorite paintings is by artist & friend John Matthew Moore:


{I love the glimpse of ruins on the mountain in the background.  }
And…¬† getting funny, is this drawing by Marc Johns:
{Drawing by Marc Johns}

Speaking of columns I don’t own, below is a photo of my dad’s house in Barrington Hills, Illinois when I was growing up.¬† He designed it & learned a¬†ton in the process.¬† I spent summers, every other holiday and random vacations there.¬† (My parents divorced when I was 2 years old and my mom & I moved to Virginia when I was 4 to be near my grandparents and my dad stayed in Illinois.)¬† My dad remarried a woman who had¬†two kids¬†near my age (whom I absolutely adored) when I was 7 and built the house for us all.¬† Without getting all into the crazy very sad details, my dad & my stepmom divorced seven years later and my dad eventually sold the¬†property when I was in college.¬† ¬†But I’ve always loved this house.¬† Seeing it built from the ground up, watching my stepmom decorate it and¬†doing my bedroom (eek- spongepainting!! ūüôā¬† all made me love the design process.¬†My dad built us the best 3-story treehouse in the world and I still dream about it.¬† I could go on & on so I’ll save it for another day.¬† (I have video tours I made when I was a kid so I’m going to try to upload them if I can.)¬† But anyway, I remember playing on the front porch,¬†marching around and around the big white columns singing songs with my stepsister.

{This house is like my Tara hahah…¬† I really do miss it.}

Anyway, I’m off to start the day but have a great weekend!¬† Stay warm!!!

xoxo, Lauren

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