Gooey post.. skip if you read for design ūüėČ

Last night we had a small family birthday party for Justin who will soon be¬†a year old.¬† (On Dec 22nd)¬† We celebrated a little early because it’s so close to Christmas.¬† I made him a firetruck cake and dressed the boys in red & white.¬† We didn’t tell anyone about the “theme” (we only decided on it the day or two before) but he ended up getting lots of firetrucks for gifts and the boys had a blast.
{so happy…¬† just before getting kicked off by big brother}
There’s lots I could say about how quickly it’s flying¬†by (scary really) and how we didn’t even notice as the sleepless nights turned into restful (sort of) ones…¬†Having 2 kids & a business is¬†definitely not a cake-walk by any means, but I have to say that Justin’s made it as easy as it could possibly¬†be for us.¬† He truly is a sweetie pie and is so patient and¬†happy.¬† He puts up with so much abuse from big brother Christian (who loves him but¬†also loves hurting him) and rarely complains.¬† He has a deep little raspy voice that makes me need to kiss him all the time and his thighs are a thing of beauty.
{I love you my little one year old}

xoxo, Lauren/MOM