August 16, 2010

Pure Projects #13: Finally Hang it!


You might  remember that we “finished” (nothing’s ever really done here) Christian’s bedroom a while back:
We’d never gotten around to hanging what we’d planned to hang in the blank spot next to his bookcase.  A few months ago I found this cool vintage German educational chart of a fish:
{I’ve been very into chartreuse lately and the patina of the chart is just beautiful}
It sat in our basement for a while and finally I got around to hanging it this past weekend:
And I love it!!!  (And possibly more importantly, Christian does too…  Remember his fishing lessons?)
Anyway, it was funny how even this small change to Christian’s room encouraged us all to hang out in there:
I love how a change can make you more aware of a room’s goodness.
So, the project for this week is to finally get around to hanging something you’ve been meaning to hang. (If you haven’t procrastinated hanging anything like I have, then this week is a freebie for you! 😉  But, if you have a special piece of artwork you’ve been meaning to frame and hang, or a group of family photos you’ve been planning to get up on the wall, go ahead & do it.
If you want to share your project  and join in for Project # 13, you can link up below.  We’d love to see your project!  (Just make sure to link to the direct post so we can click directly over to it! 🙂

xoxo, Lauren

Also,  If you’re in the area, check out the August issue of Washingtonian Magazine!  Jennifer Sergent included me (along with my friend Jill Sorensen) in an article she did and there’s a photo of Christian’s bedroom in there!
And, if you didn’t enter the Saffron Marigold giveaway, you can enter it out here.
I’m also guest blogging over at my friend Ally’s @ From the Right Bank about silhouettes so check it out! 🙂

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