September 8, 2010

Pure Project # 15: A touch of Fall

xoxo, Lauren

One of my favorite things to do is to tweak my home seasonally or when the mood strikes (or naptimes coincide 😉  This weekend in Virginia, we got a beautiful little blast of Fall and it was Heaven!!!  The windows were opened all weekend and when we took our walks I noticed the crunch of the acorns underfoot.  So…  that meant it was time for a few teensy tweaks at home… not full-blown Fall, but just a touch of it mixed with mostly “Summer.”
I found the antique quatrefoil table at Lucketts this weekend and its granny-feel is perfect for my mood.  (Not that I’m feeling like a granny but a touch of it feels perfectly “homey” for early Fall 😉  I brought out some of my old golden-orange pillow I made a while back and mixed them with a piece of my grandmother’s vintage fabric.  (I think it used to be curtains??  When I saw the fabric being used to store something in my grandparents’ garage a couple of years ago, I asked them for it.)  I don’t have a patterned sofa & sometimes wish I did, so this is a nice compromise.  The white slipcpvered ottoman is still out but the lucite coffee table should be back in a few months when Justin’s fully walking.
Here’s a close-up of the table…  I love having that shelf for my magazines:
{The boys’ book basket fits just below}
How cool are the glass ball feet?!!!
{I love the creepy little faces}
I’ve also been drawn to cloveresque shapes lately.  (I have two gorgeous trefoil end tables in storage to be sold…  I am having issues parting with my finds…  something I haven’t mentioned yet but could go on & on about.)
I picked a bunch of these purple flowers that sprouted up all over my “garden” and put them in a vintage cut glass vase.  I think they’re in the mint family but I love them most because they are actually ALIVE.  (Even my mint has died…  keeping plants alive doesn’t come naturally to me.)
Here’s a little picture of my sofa this Spring…
And here it is now:
Who knows how long it’ll stay this way but a little bit of change makes me appreciate it all the more.  Once I came to the realization that my home will never be truly “finished” and that “finishing” is not my goal, I relaxed a bit.  Things don’t need to be permanent and yes, some furniture arrangements, framed prints or pillows are better than others, but that’s okay because part of the fun is in experimenting.
This week’s Pure Style Project is to tweak your home a little bit for Fall…  If you’d like to share your pictures, please link up below directly to the post!!  We’d love to see them!!

If you missed my last post about the pink silo, please take a minute to read it here

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