February 23, 2010

Pure Organization Project #7: Declutter the Kitchen

Somehow things just accumulate in my kitchen.  We have a little tray that’s supposed to be for wallets & cell phones & sunglasses, but it ends up overflowing with coupons and batteries & lightbulbs & screws &chargers and other random annoyances.  Things just come into our house & if we don’t stay on top of them, they build up, particularly in the kitchen…  cards, coupons, new (old) purchases, candles, etc…   Sometimes it’s just stuff that needs to be put away in another room but remains in the kitchen for weeks.  argggg…  Now my junk drawer is clean, but the rest of the kitchen is starting to feel like a giant junk drawer.  eeek!  

So,  I put every single item that needs to find a home or leave the kitchen on my kitchen island.  Here it is, my junk:

And today there’s no “after” because it’s still sitting on my island where I’m typing right now. 

So Project #7 is to Declutter the kitchen of everything that doesn’t belong.  Find spots for the things that do need to stay and ditch the rest.  (Preferably to a good home in another room instead of making more clutter in another room as I’m tempted to do!)

Good luck & I’ll be back on later today to add Mr.Linky!  (I am so strapped for time right now & didn’t get a chance to look at all of last week’s links but promise I will!!)

The Better Homes & Gardens crew arrives today and will be here all week-long for our Christmas shoot!!  The tree’s up & we’re getting ready to go.  I’ll be posting to let you know how it’s going & how it works.  (I’m so curious!!!)


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