April 18, 2010

Project #12: Grow Your Garden

A little over a week ago on one of these gorgeous 80-something degree days we’ve been having, Christian (my 2-year old) and I planted a bunch of seeds for our gardens.  (While our almost-4-month old took a beautiful-wonderful-heavenly-loooong nap.)

{Finally putting the garden gloves to some use-  love Springtime!!}
{image found here}

I’m a pretty lazy gardener.  I garden because I love how gardens look, smell, taste, etc, because I want to bring flowers inside & cook with the herbs & vegatables, and most of all, because I just love to be in & around them…  But let me repeat:  I am a lazy gardener.  I’m not really at that therapeautic stage of gardening that so many people I know are at.  At this point in my life, I just want a beautiful usable garden as quickly and easily as possible.  I enjoy  gardening, but it’s for the end result that I’m gardening.  (Hopefully one day I’ll get back to that whole therapeutic thing…  in high school I looooved it)

{My Helper}

But, I am getting a little better, and this year instead of buying plants from the store like I usually do, inspired by my mom & my friend Amy, I actually planted the seeds myself (and of course with assistance from my helper)  (Okay, Okay, I know it’s “sow the seeds” but that’s just not they way we say it.)   Of course, it was all done the lazy way.  We used soil from one of our gardens (because we forgot to get potting soil) and I think we might be a bit late in the season, but better late than never.  I’m pretty sure we put way too many seeds in each pot because we ran out of pots.  We haven’t exactly watered them consistently, but in under a week, seedlings sprouted!!!  It’s so much better than watering dirt!  For actual directions on doing this the right way, check out this article.  But I am waaaaay to lazy (or busy) for that right now…  although maybe we’ll separate them out when they get bigger if I can get my hands on some more containers.


{The sprouts in our sunny laundry room}

Christian is so excited!!  We did basil, zinnias, tomatoes, chives, dill, cilantro & parsley.  We’ll put them outside after danger of frost and when we actually get to it.  (I’m hearing Mother’s Day is safe)

Outside, we put carrots and lettuce (“Le Tuce”) in the ground…

The lettuce sprouted and I can’t wait to eat it.  (There’s no better lettuce than fresh-from-the-garden lettuce 🙂
{Le Tuce Sprouts!}
So, if you haven’t done it already (and it works for you seasonally) Project #12 is to pick up a few seed packets from the store and pop them into some containers for your garden- be it indoor or out.  It’s so easy – especially the lazy way 😉


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