November 4, 2013

Progress at the New Design Studio!

We’ve made some serious progress at our new Great Falls interior design studio & shop.  The space started out as one big open room, but we needed to have it divided into offices and a showroom.  There’s still some electrical work, trim work and painting to be done, but we’re so close!!  We have a photoshoot there on SUNDAY and from my progress photos, you’ll see it’s going to be a bit busy this week.  The space has the most beautiful light (which is partly why I fell for it) but I took my progress photos at night so you don’t really get to appreciate it.  Here’s what it looked like when we started.  This view is actually where the offices will go:



The wall is up dividing the space and  there are two rooms there now…   The office I share with David (also the conference room) is on the left and the design studio is on the right.  We’re turning that little half wall into a welcome desk with a stool and counters.  I’m having the doors painted black.  I wish they could have been more interesting but it’s coming down to time and budget.  One day maybe 😉 😉



A cozy area will be in front of the conference room.  I can’t WAIT for you to see the sofa!!!  It’s a higher leggy piece (very streamlined) in the most buttery-feeling dark brown suede.   We’re placing two chairs across from it and I’m internally debating what to hang where now.  I’ve been envisioning covering the wall in the collection of 30 vintage botanical specimens I found at Market.  They were put together by university biology program 70-some years ago.



I freaked out a little when I saw them.

Here’s the bar area (below) where we plan to service food and drinks (yum! yum!) during events and on certain days.  (Everything’s better when you’re consuming, right? 😉  We’re adding music too and I’m hoping to create a really special shopping experience.



This (below) is the view of the front of the shop where we’ll have another living room vignette set up.  I’m doing the studio in shade of ivories, wood, black and soft neutrals and mossy greens.  I love the vintage Belgian leather chair we found (in the photo below) so much I dreamt about it last night.



Here’s another view of that same area.  I’m thinking of setting up our living room for the magazine article here.  Not all of our furnishings will be here by Sunday so I have to use pieces from storage and from our house to make it look good.  (I can’t wait for the day when the furniture in my house can stay put!!)  I want it to be incredible and have put a lot of pressure on myself to get it there although most everything will have to happen at the very last minute.  I’m pretty anxious.



The room in the back of the photo below will be the textiles room and I can’t WAIT to hang up all of our fabrics in there!!  (It’s also the entrance from the Great Falls Village Green.)  Along with our line, we’ll be carrying my favorite linens, cottons, and velvets.  I’m even mixing in a few vintage textiles from my collection at home.  Clients can use the textile room to have custom pillows or curtains (or anything else really) made with our help.  I’m working on making it very easy to shop by grading the fabrics and it’s kind of brain numbing working all the math out (because of lovely things like fabric repeats changing material requirements per width) so please send good thoughts my way as I try to figure it out.


The super-comfy leather chair above is a vintage piece from Sweden and the chairs you see stacked are a set of GORGEOUS black dining room chairs with vintage nubby yellow linen seats from Belgium.   I’m really going to have to learn to let GO of all the pretties!!!  I get such excitement & joy out of finding something unique that I think it creates some sort of little emotional tie.  Antique and vintage Furnishings (especially chairs) are tough to part with but I REALLY have a problem with parting with one of a kind art.  Well, vintage rugs too…

Anyway, here’s the view of the offices again and I’ll take you inside…



We were there late last night so I could get everything organized.  Below, we ran out of baskets for our shelves and will pick up more today so that the shelves look good.  We house our fabric memos and all of our samples, trade catalogs and client info here.  We’re having a large custom island fabricated to house cabinet samples (we’re doing kitchens- yay!!!!)…  The zinc desk you see is temporary and we’re having a very long desk made from butcherblock that will allow us to share the desk together.  I’d like to do something massive and beautiful on the back wall to create a focal point when you walk in and to hide the electrical panel door.



Here (below) is the conference room/ our office.  Our white table is in here temporarily until our custom farm table from Lorimer arrives later this week.  (Whenever we move, bringing our white work table in gives me the best feeling… I just mentally exhale and feel that some sort of order has been created.  Dave & I ate sushi there last night and it was surreal.)  We’re adding desks along the back and more storage.  I’d like to do a massive photograph behind our desks… something meaningful to us.


I’m off,  but hope you enjoyed the little tour and I’ll share more photos as tings progress.  Up this week (and next!) are a couple of presentations we’ve been preparing for MONTHS and they’ll be happening in the new (completely UNFINISHED!!) studio!! CRAZY!!! 🙂

Enjoy your day!!  (Isn’t Fall daylight savings HEAVEN?!!!)

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